How long does it take for an antipsychotic to work?

Specifically Latuda.

4-6 weeks usually for each increase

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According to the answer on :

" Latuda (generic name: lurasidone) works in most patients within 6 weeks or sooner at an appropriate dose, although results can vary between patients. Latuda is an atypical antipsychotic approved for patients with schizophrenia or bipolar depression.",with%20schizophrenia%20or%20bipolar%20depression.

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Thanks for the source. I will have to be patient. I was on 7.5mg zyprexa. I’m switching to latuda and right now I am on 5mg zyprexa + 74mg latuda, and I have more symptoms than when I was on 7.5mg zyprexa only. Maybe I have to wait then.

I have always been on Geodon. Well since I got sick anyways. I added Latuda to it in 2015 and the first time I took one I noticed immediate results. I felt normal that day. So I say it works instantly but I was already on the maximum recommended dose of Geodon.

Unfortunately the feeling only lasted one day but I still feel better with it. I think it helps more with my negative symptoms like Wellbutrin does and not so much with psychosis because I tried switching only to that and coming off of Geodon but I couldn’t do it.

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Yeah everyone is different. Zyprexa did nothing for me. I thought that was a sugar pill.


It’s so funny how people respond so different to meds isn’t it. One would think our biology is very similar but apparently it isn’t.

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They never worked for me.

Might as well be Smarties.

Same for me and I gained tons of weight fast. My gp told my pdoc to take me off zyprexa because I developped metabolic syndrome. Later one pdoc suggested trying zyprexa at doses 25+ mg. I refused. Then she tried to prescribe me Clozapine, I also refused. I am now on Risperidone and have no positive symptoms at all. I want to add Vraylar for negative and cognitive symptoms.

I always heard it takes 2 weeks to start working and a month plus to reach its effect. And months more can produce further improvement.

The multiple voices left right away, but it took a month for the delusions to stop.