How long does Abilify Maintena 400mg injection stay in your system?

Hey is everything going better? I’m in the same situation I’m going to console with meds hopefully I get better anxiety is kicking me

Ap shrinks the brain and messed with your cognitive thinking and it stops the brain from maturing so it could be from that too


As I wrote earlier in the thread, I am a little better now after 130 days, which is something around 4.5 months, though it’s not good enough to say I’m fine, I have still a long road to recover. My condition is really unstable; one day I feel better and think to myself “I can go for a walk to the city”, so I do, then when I’m there I all of a sudden experience huge anxiety and so my mood changes very often throughout the day or from day to day. How many injections have you had and when was your last one? Mostly a person should start to feel better after around 8 months or even fully recover after this time, but I read on a different forum that Invega Sustenna users (not Abilify Maintena, but it has a half-life of 49 days compared to our 46.5, so it’s similar) usually recover after around 12 months, some of them don’t recover until something like two years, so it depends on a person’s metabolism I guess…

This is a lot to read! I just want to say Akathisia is terrible and I’m sorry you’re going through it Abilify gage it to me too. There are meds they can give that help with it until the ahot works out of your system.

They can misdiagnose people but also know that they right med clears your head and doesn’t make you feel less intelligent.

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Its the sz that shrinks the brain, that’s been proven and I learned it in psychology courses from MRIs. Also szics without meds are much less intelligent than those on meds. I wasn’t functional at all when I stopped my meds and before taking meds. They should make better meds but schizophrenia is a very complicated disease with 3 sets of symptoms, positive, negative and cognitive

Well, my theory is that when someone doesn’t have schizophrenia, then putting that person on antipsychotics will only cause what it causes to all of us complaining about worsening condition. I mean, it does lower your dopamine and serotonine levels, so given that I was already depressed, it just made me even more miserable. It’s difficult to find someone who really is schizophrenic and that the LAI caused this person to suffer. If you are SZ, then it most likely is going to help you, if not, then you’ll live a miserable life.

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The problem is this is not the truth. The truth is somewhere between. If a person is schizophrenic, then a psychosis will for sure cause a loss of intelligence. But in this case, we are talking about people without schizophrenia being put on long-acting injectable antipsychotics, which causes them to experience something like dementia syndrome, due to the parkinson syndrome caused by the imbalance in the extrapyramidal system, caused mostly by the lack of dopamine.

You don’t have sz? Its very rare to be misdiagnosed. Never happened here, its always ppl who had psychosis got on meds felt better and wanted to quit meds thinking psychosis won’t come back. This always happens here. Then they get back on meds bcz they got worse.
But yes in a scenario like misdiagnosis meds can reduce intelligence but psychiatrists don’t prescribe meds for no reason. We have someone here who’s faking sz to get free money, he’s taking Abilify injections, he was homeless.

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I’m scared now I thiink I have a misdiagnosis of psychosis and I got my shot yesterday :frowning:

I don’t have it. My first diagnosis was OCD, depression and social phobia, it has been this way for a long time. Then I got to the hospital after taking drugs, talked to the psychologist that “well, I used to have religious considerations in the past” and told her that I feel superior to other people because I find myself smarter than an average person and I guess the word “superior” is what made them think that I have schizophrenia, but I don’t know, they never wanted to tell me why they diagnosed me this way. When I was out of the hospital, I went to my psychiatrist and she said “it’s ridiculous, these people can’t be serious, you don’t have schizophrenia, don’t worry about it” and she diagnosed me with a simple OCD and depression. We have to always remember one important rule - the diagnosis is never definitive. It can always change, at any time. And by the way, when I was in the hospital, I met many people that were also homeless, so they pretended to have an ilness, just so they can survive somehow, get to the social welfare home or or get a social pension.


feel ya - my IQ was literally labeled as ”superior” so it ain’t a delusion of grandeur but truth instead

i dont care about iq much but it irks me that people get diagnosed w/ SZ for dumb reasons

Psychologists can prescribe meds?
Here they can’t and its very hard to see a psychiatrist bcz you need a referral from a general Dr so you get diagnosed by more than one Dr. I was only seen by a psychiatrist after a suicide attempt during which I nearly died from liver failure in the emergency. I thought I was God so I swallowed a whole Tylenol bottle thinking I won’t die.

You still believe that your parents are putting cyanide poison in your food and poison gas in your room? These are classical schizophrenia symptoms, paranoia.

I don’t believe that anymore!!

I don’t have SZ diagnosis and I couldn’t have it because I passed the ”visual illusion test” found online

Visual hallucinations are extremely rare in sz.
Which test? Only a psychiatrist can diagnose you.

No, they obviously can’t. It’s just that here in Poland in every psychiatric ward there has to be a psychologist and you must have at least one, preliminary conversation. We don’t have to see a general Dr to get to the psychiatrist. If someone wants to visit one, then he or she just has to go to some mental health clinic and make an appointment. In fact, many times I was running out of meds or I just needed an immediate help, so I went to the clinic, asked my psychiatrist “hey, I need a prescription, I’m running out of meds” or “my condition is really bad, I can’t wait for a visit” and he just says “alright, tell the ladies in registration that I will have you today”, it’s so simple, no need to wait when you’re in need. At least that’s how it is in my city, it might be more tricky in the bigger ones.

You can ask your psychiatrist to stop your meds if you’re sure you don’t have schizophrenia. I did it but regretted it bcz I nearly killed someone and myself again, my symptoms are dangerous without meds.

It’s not hallucination just an optical illusion only sz’s fail

I don’t know your situation, but a belief that someone is putting cyanide poison in your food or the poison gas in your room kind of seems like a paranoia. Why did you believe that?

And I won’t refer to the online test, I mean, come on. If you believe you were misdiagnosed, then go to another psychiatrist, so you can get more precise diagnosis or go to the psychologist and you both find out.

Sigh paranoia doesn’t mean psychosis… and ye i was misdiagnosed but my both drs dont care