How is 400 mg abilify maintena distributed through out the month?

Does anyone know how many mg you get daily from a 400mg injection? I cant find equations for this anywhere or how its spread out.

Well, if the curve is flat, youd be getting about 13 mg/day right? Assuming 30 days between shots.

Thats what i was assuming but that doesnt explain how half of 400mg still remains in your system after 45 days.

I get injected with Aripiprazole every 4 weeks. Before I got injected with Clopixol every 2 weeks. Not sure how the medication dissolves in the body but it does.

That’s right, the half life is 46.5 days.

I read online on a student doctor forum that the dose is about 21 mgs a day, and I thought he was doing his math wrong lol.

Explains why the 400 mg shot gave me akithisia and when I switched to 10 mg pill it went away. The Maintena mustve been building up in my system.

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How long after maintena do you think it took for your akathisia to go away? And 21mgs? Somethings just not adding up im so confused about this. Im going on 5 months since last injection and the first couple months were extreme hell. My body doesnt handle antipsychotics well at all.

I was misdiagnosed and injected with 400mg maintenna and i went into survival mode. Im still not doing to well and i believe its because theres still doses in my system.

I cant remember exactly how long it took for the akithisia to go away but I dont think it took longer than a couple of weeks.

What kind of side effects are you getting?

Fatigue all day derealization. Some jaw chattering thats been slowly dissapating. Akathisia seems to have gone but little still remains. Just generaly uncomfortable and lower back pain depending on what i do. But so far its taken control of my life as im laying down 90% of the day.

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I didn’t do the math or anything, but that seems to be in the right area considering the half life and build-up.

Would anyone care to explain where the 21mg comes from and how doses still remain after so many half lives if 21mg is used daily. Wouldnt 400mg run out the first month? I dont get how half still remains at 46.5 days than.

I get my Abilify Maintena shot once a month. I think it comes from the fact that the Maintena isn’t out of your system in 30 days obviously. For me, I feel in 2 weeks as the shot from the previous time I got it wears off a bit, so its like this: I get a shot and the other shot from a month ago is still working, so that day it’s like double. 46(the halflife) days is roughly 1,5 months. The first day you get your shot, it’s the shot you got that day + the dose that remains after 30 days. Half of 400 aka. 200 divided by 30 is around 7 (mg) the dose you’re having at day 46 from the first shot, whereas 400 divided by 30 is 13.4(mg), the dose you’re having the day of the shot from that shot. So in the middle of the month, 2 weeks after u get your shot(roughly day 46 since the first shot) , it’s the shot that you got 2 weeks ago + the shot that you got 45 days ago that’s 7+13.4 roughly 21 mg. Now it changes during the month a bit I’m guessing, the day of the shot you’re getting more than 21 mg because it’s not half of 400 yet and 1 day before the shot you’re getting less than 21 mg because it’s been technically almost 60 days since the shot you got before the last one. But on average you’re getting 21. Hopefully this makes sense.

The first month must not be at 21 mg, it must take until the 2nd month for the abilify to build up in the system. At least, thats what makes logical sense to me.

If the half life is 46.5 days and the curve is flat then youd average 4.3 mg/day the first month. That doesnt seem like enough so I guess the question confuses me too…

Ok a bit of a clarification. Obviously I’m talking about when you’ve been on the shot for months or years like I have. The first shot I mean shot nr whatever, I just mean by the first the previous shot and the second the one that comes after it.

Im so confused.

Sorry if it’s confusing, I tried to make it as simple as I could.

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Think of it like this: if Maintena’s halflife is 46 days(lets say 45 days for the sake of the argument) and you get a shot once a month, then at 45 days you have had the shot you had 45 days ago PLUS the shot you had 15 days ago since it’s once a month. There are 2 shots affecting you. And the dose of Abilify you get is the sum of those doses.

Sorry i still dont understand :frowning: the thing is though i only recieved one shot of 400mg maintena. Would that still mean a 45 day half from 1 injection?

If so im trying to see just how far 1 injection will travel before its finally out of the system because im still going through bad side effects qnd hopeing i still need more time to heal.

Oh sorry, my mistake, I somehow missed the post where you said it was 5 months since last injection. Should probably not be posting late at night. At 5 months you should be free of the shot and it’s side effects, I think.

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Its alright i just fear im stuck with life long side effects :frowning: im in bed all day fatigued and agited with no motivation to do anything. I use to be very active. I dont know what to do with myself. All i could really do is wait i guess…