Took abilify for about a year 400 mg, been 7 months, how much longer?

Took abilify for about a year , been 7 months , im more lile my normal self but I am still stuttering and have trouble thinking as quickly, how long until the drug leaves my system?

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Welcome to the forum! Are you saying you’ve been off Abilify for 7 months? Are you taking a different antipsychotic?

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Welcome to the forum.

I would think it would be out of your system by now.

According to this thread they came to the conclusion of roughly 232 days…which would mean you should be near the end.

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And thank you good sir

No ,I think im gunna go crazy but its a risk i’m willing to take, couldn’t stand taking the medication. If it get’s really bad ill have to do what’s best for myslef and go back on it. But yea i used to speak so fluently but i feel like I can’t say what I want to say.

I don’t think it’s in your system anymore. It hasn’t been for a long time.

If it’s still in your system at all I would think it would be at trace amounts.

Thank you . And you sure because im not feeling 100% , how long till you felt like it was gone?

That would be nice but its bittersweet .

Maybe, but the voices used to be more severe I just thought if it was all gone I would be hearing them on the same severity as I was before

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Losing the ability to speak clearly is a symptom of schizophrenia. It falls under cognitive symptoms. Are you sure that was caused by the med, and not by thw illness that required you to take the med?

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No I’m not sure. It’s just math based on the half life of the drug. Yeah…i was going to say same as ninjastar…any symptoms you still have may be schizophrenia itself. It’s not always easy to differentiate between drug side effects and the illness itself. I personally have Anhedonia but I believe now that its mostly Sz itself causing it and not as much the drugs.

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Maybe you guys are right, I can’t expect my life to be as it was, maybe thats jus who I am now,

But the voices used to be crazy asf ,

I’ve never had voices but I’ve read many of the members who do have voices have them come and go. Sometimes they go for a period without voices. Maybe you are just lucky and going through a phase without them. Who knows? Maybe they won’t come back and maybe they will.

Thank you guys for the insight ,it helped alot.

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