How long do you normally feel down?

I feel down since the start of the week,I do not feel like talking and I been isolating myself,I know this will get over and I will be back to normal,I will just do what I normally do,reading journaling and exercising and let things happen,I hope this feeling down mood will get over soon,it’s not very fun to be feeling pessimistic and down,people around me tend to notice it

i usually feel down 3 to 7 days when it happens

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I feel down five out of seven days of the week.

It can go on for many months.

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Once I’m down, I’m down it can take me a while to pull myself up, it can be weeks to months.

I hope you feel better soon, stick to what you are doing, with any luck it will pass.

Take care,


I think it depends on how down…

If I’m a little down, I try to pull up before I get deeper.

If I wake up very down… it takes a few days or like this last stint… many weeks.

For me… There is a difference between feeling a bit depressed and feeing flattened and disconnected.

At least with the depression I’m still feeling something.

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Usually 2-3 days at a time. Except when the clinical depression had its grip on me, then it was 8 months to a year.

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Something like three years of grieving depression but I have my better days with it. @Mobc1990 Definitely try to force yourself to get out of the house for a walk each day. You will feel a hundred times better for it.


Thank you,i think i need to go to different environment and do something different,i want to try and be happy,do things that would make me happy

It’s all babysteps. I’ll send a pm on somethings to deal with depression as way to long to put up here. I’ll Just be a tick. Has your sleep changed any btw?

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My moods have improved in last couple months
I can suffer during monthly cycle
Pushing myself to walk helps, eating well helps
Keeping occupied

My sleep haven’t change yet,but I am breaking bad,haha

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yeah about a goes away remember.dvds help me.

how long is a piece of string ?
by the way how long is a piece of string ?
hope you feel better soon.
take care

I guess my closest thing to feeling down are my episodes, where I’m paralyzed by anxiety and the world gets hideous and painful. My episodes generally last for about two weeks.


Most psych drugs achieve receptor occupancy within the first 24 hours. Curiously, you may suffer for weeks before some beneficial affects start to occur. It’s not rocket science…it’s way more complicated than that!

Anti depressants and their ilk are agonists and partial agonists which mean they jump on brain chemicals and bind with the synapses. Commonly for depression it’s serotonin complex that they act on …ssri’s for example!

My downs are horrible! I have plans but take boat loads of an ssri to maintain a pretty even keel! I religiously take my medications and haven’t had a depressive event for over ten years…that is pretty good in my world!

A friend in the struggle,


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all day every day join the club, sometimes i get a happy buzz but it doesn’t last long till im back to the ■■■■ train…

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I feel down most of the day, probably 20 hours out of 24.

That sounds ■■■■

i normally feel down for a week when i feel down

when it’s really bad it’s been 6 weeks but that only happened twice…

hope your mood gets better asap… don’t worry

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