When will my depression go away


i have been depressed for 3 months now. my shrink/doctor have told me that People are often depressed after psycosis. have some ofe you guys experience the same? when is my booring depression gonna og away? i hate it. cant and wont do i damn thing. Things are changing ewry day doh, to the better


I had a pretty major fever about 2 months ago that heated up my brain and sent me to the top of the scale manic…

Well over a month of epiphanies… universal understanding and love … a great sense of complete connection with humanity… euphoric joy at merely being alive.

Then the fever ended and I was rehydrated and brought back down to earth… It’s been rough going ever since. It’s really kicked in some of my other head circus symptoms. Numb flat depression is something I’m fighting off.

It takes some time when the brain spikes and then settles… sometimes the leveling out does feel dull and depressive. I’m in that boat of trying to keep life from being mundane… boring and rust brown.

I hope you feel better soon… It will go away.

For me… I might have to have another tinker with the meds…


From my experience, I thought, for many years, that I had depression. However, I realize that my depression was a negative symptom called avolition; sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between depression, avolition, or apathy.
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I hope that this information helps you.


It’s a good sign that things are changing for the better. Try not to dwell on your depression. Sometimes when I’m depressed I catch myself wanting people to leave me alone so I can really concentrate on being depressed.


well i have read something about dysthymia and apathy before. but dont know alot about it. but for 1-2 months ago i can remember that i thought to my self that i had it. and when i think longer back, it may be a chance that i had it before. i cant experience if i have it or not now. because i am depressed. and i cannot experience the real life and make real conclusions. maybe i have it. but right now i cant experience anything, you made me think about my past. hmm. i see Things a little clearer now. but i think i am depressed as well. something is not right. i feel it. there must be more to life. my psychologist havent said anything about this. but they have said that i have big mood svings. my mom says im always up and Down. maybe this is why i dont have any interest in many thing. i thought it was because something else. i have escaped it for so long. i dont know! i do interest in Things. but i dont take no joy in them. i used to before. even do all i did was drinking and smoking With friends. never jobb or School. i hatet it. i was afraid of the Things i had to do. i just want to have god orgasems again. they havent been any god for the past 3 months. so i think i am depressed as well! i just want thing to work so i can work make Money. do what i want to do. sign


haha. sounds funny. :smile: i stay much inside dont visit New or older friends. i just meet 1 friend because he gets me hash. i want to hang With him more. like going out and stuff, he have asked me. but im to low right now to take any pleasure from it. and it is wery hard to be With him and not smoking because i need Things to do. if i dont smoke i just sitt there and almost doesent say anything. just thinking negativ. maybe i have something more then deppression. anxiety aswell. or i am wery insecure. right now its like this fear in me. its like i lose my self or something. and i become insecure and feel the fear. maybe a Whole in me or something. thats needs to be fillt


Well my dear friend, if you think that you have depression, you will try to take some anti-depression; two weeks ago, I started to take a good anti-depression so nowadays I feel much better; why don´t you ask to doctor for some anti-depressnat?


it depends really, if you have bipolar moods it would just be a matter of time that it does the opposite,

depression and inactivity go hand in hand. so maybe just try and get out for a walk even if its for a few minutes.

i know its easier said than done, when i am in a severe depression have 0 motivation to do anything. Making a coffee is a challenge in itself.


yep avolition is also what i get, i dont feel depressed just feel flattened and no motivation whatsoever. then occasionally it lifts and i wonder what the heck was even wrong in the first place and then it comes back.