Feeling abit psychotic and a little down

Hey guys,I dunno what’s going on inside my brain these 2 days,I am feeling like I am walking downhill,but I hope I wasn’t,before these 2 days my thinking and mood is normal and I think clearer but today and yesterday night I started feeling abit down and tired even with adequate rest…I am taking my anti psychotic and antidepressant as usual…

I am going to sleep now,hope tomorrow will be okay

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I hope it’s nothing to be worried about. I get worse when I don’t get enough sleep. But then I get better again when I have a couple of nights good sleep. Or as good as you get on sleeping pills.

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Maybe you need to up the dose of your antidepressant or switch over to a new one? Sounds like you are deeper into your depression, I know depression well. I would talk to your pdoc about it.

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I have my pdocs number on the phone and call him when I have problems. Having quick communication with him was crucial to my recovery, for example, if I was anxious and freaking out, I would phone his office and his secretary told him to call me when he had time. He always called back in a couple of hours and got right to the point and adjusted my meds and or even had new prescriptions ready at the pharmacy by the time I got out of class.

Be very verbal about how you feel, and be very clear about what is wrong. My doctor really listened and really tweaked my meds for me, and after months of trial and error with meds and doses, I found the perfect regiment and now I am symptom-free and healthier than ever, save the 12 cigarettes I smoke a day, LOL.

But seriously, tell this to your doc and he should/will/better listen and then take action and fix you up. It’s not as simple as “take these pills”, it’s all about how much of each med, when to take it, and what it’s side effects are (side effects of antipsychotics are very serious) and what can be done about the side effects. My doc once told me that in all of his years of experience, it’s not the books he memorized way back in school, it’s the art of trial and error that successfully treats people.

If you can afford them, older doctors are often more experienced and a lot better. Mine are both gray-haired. Those wizards…

Yeah my doctor is a genius - very experienced, she is great and knows her meds

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Somedays I just need more to make it through, other days, I’m doing well on less. It’s amazing when something I logically think is no big deal really is a big deal and has effected me in surprising ways.

I hope you feel better soon.

i hope you are feeling better today.
take care

I just done better for 3 weeks,please don’t pull me down again,I can’t afford to be down always

Glad you are doing better. Take care.