How long can you keep yourself awake after taking Geodon in supper?

How long can you keep yourself awake after taking Geodon in supper?

I take 40mg Geodon every night during supper. I feel extremely sleepy (somnolence) about 2 hours after I take the medication.

  1. Do you have similar experience?

  2. How long do you keep awake after taking Geodon?

  3. Is there any method to delay this sleepy feelings so that I can work a little bit after I take the meds?

Thank you very much and happy holidays!

It gradually quit making me as tired. Granted, I take naps or drink coffee in the afternoons, but as I have been on it, the less drowsy it has made me.

I take 60mg with breakfast and dinner, i am also on propanalol 80mg in the morning and xanax 1mg twice a day

I’ve been on it for 3 years and it still makes me sleep 12 hours a day, I get tired 2 hours after taking it also. Only solution that I found is taking the pills later, that means eating a little later also, because I want to take it with food which is supposed to make it work better. You don’t have to take them straight after eating, the food will remain in your stomach for some time.

Actually I found certain foods can delay this sleepy effect. If you have enough amount of heavy food such as pork, beaf or fish, you can delay this effect for quite a few hours. If you have some light food, such as porridge, light bread , you feel sleepy no later than 2 hours after eating.

Does anyone have similar findings?

unlike the seroquel, geodon didn’t do anything to me. Not even a sleepy feeling. Some meds knocked me out like the 400mg 2x a day of seroquel and some meds like geodon did nothing! It’s a hit and miss with meds for me

Geodon doesn’t make me feel sleepy after I take it (I wish it would), but I do tend to sleep about twelve hours a night. I take 160mg of Geodon at a late night dinner.

I take 120 mg of Geodone after I eat dinner. It is extremely rare that i ever feel tired after i take it. Normally i cant sleep and stay up all night, until i finally fall asleep, so i have to rely on my sleeping pills as well. However, when i do sleep i sleep for 12 hours a night.Even though i take this drug i still experience mania at times.