If you forget to take geodon with your meal, is it better to take it without food, or wait till the next meal?

If you forget to take a dose of geodon while eating, is it better/safer to take it without food (when you remember) or wait until your next meal?

If you take it without food, it will have a strong effect for a short while and leave your system quickly. Suggested you take with food.

Ok thanks. if it’s a long while to the next meal, will a banana or something small b sufficient? I am reluctant to eat anything even something small if It’s not the usual time I eat a meal

You have like a 1 hour grace period in which to take the meds after eating. If I miss that, I try to use my judgment. If I still feel incredibly full, I take it. If I feel regular, I try to eat again. You need at least 500 calories in order for it to be properly absorbed.

Thankyou. Do u eat another meal If u hav missed the one hour grace period? Or do u just hav something small?

It depends on how big my last meal was I make sure there is at least 500 calories in my stomach.

If it doesn’t happen often, I doubt eating an extra meal one time is going to hurt you. On the other hand, taking Geodon on an empty stomach could cause you a lot of damage.

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Ok. Makes sense