How long before a thread is considered a "Zombie Thread"?

Just wondering what the cut off is. At what length of time do the mods close them down when they are posted on because they are too old?

Edit: Or maybe it isn’t an exact science. Approximately how long anyway?

Once @ZombieMombie starts posting :wink:

Nah I think it depends on the category b4 it gets closed but I’m guessing 6 months it’s a zombie thread??

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I think it is automatic. I think “The Lounge” category gets closed automatically after 2 weeks without any new posts, others are open longer.


“Will close after 14 days of the last comment.”

idk if that’s accurate though. look at how many get brought back.

No, I’m not talking about the threads closing automatically. Alot of times mods close them down manually because they are too old and get someone posting on them.

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oh, I don’t know, I think I’ve seen threads revived after 6 months then get closed down, definitely threads over a year old.

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We only do that for threads over 2 years old. All new threads have an automatic timer on them. Threads created before the change never got the timer, and thus need to be manually shut down. We also shut them down when the OP requests it.

Automatic timers are different for every category. UB is 7 days, the lounge is 14 days, dxed is 3 months, meds and news never shut down unless requested.

Those times were chosen because that was the average amount of time it took for someone posting in those categories to no longer find the thread relevant.

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Thanks for the reply!

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Depends on if @ZombieMombie posts on it multiple times or not.


Hey. You people…


If the thread is undead we know by whom it was read.

So there.

Also? Nyaaaaah.