How long are your therapy sessions for?

I have been seeing my therapist for 45 minutes in the beginning. She now tells me that she will be shortening our sessions a bit because Im at a stable level. I dont know what to make out of this. How long are your therapy sessions for if you see a therapist, and how often do you see him or her?

I usually see the nurse for 30 minutes, occupational therapist for 30-40 minutes and the pdoc sits in with the nurse appointment. I go once a month, although I suspect they’d like to see me every week.

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I see a therapist once every two weeks for 45 minutes. I see a psychiatrist too for 30-45 minutes and I see him every 4-6 weeks.

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I’ve seen my new therapist twice and it’s been 60 minute sessions each time.

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I think I’m going to see her every 2 weeks for 45 min - Ill ask her

an hour…but i have to say it is helping, though i am getting a bit paranoid about it all !
take care

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An hour that is a long time darksith - how often do you see the therapist every week?

i have had 3 appointments in a month i think, one time she did not turn up, i have another this thursday,and see the shrink the following thursday.
take care

take care darksith - thanks for the info

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I see mine for a full hour. I usually just have a couple of things on my mind and then we find something else about my condition to talk about. He doesnt waste time though, if I have nothing to report, he educates me on how I think and what I can do about it. I have a really awesome shrink, he’s expensive but totally worth it.

He does not do any of that off-topic casual conversation ■■■■■■■■. He has told me concisely about himself and he has never started a random conversation like some shrinks do.

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None right now, but before it was for 30 minutes every 4-6 weeks, and it wasn’t unusual for her or me to be 10-15 minutes late. It took me 40 minutes to drive there too.

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I go and see my therapist individually every two weeks when I’m doing well. When the wheels fell off a few months ago and I had a psychotic break, I was back up to seeing her every week for almost an hour.

Sometimes it’s only about 45 minutes, but sometimes if I’m really getting upset it might go an hour.

I also go to my Sz support group and my AA meeting.

Once every three months there is a family session. With what’s been happening in our family recently… I’d say we’re due.

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Tried therapy before. On my very first 45 minute session I got dropped as a client. Went to a medicaid run clinic where I was told “we can’t help everyone that walks in here”. The T word makes me feel :angry:

In my case, I see my pdoc and him give me therpy for 45 minutes every week

Never hooked up with a therapist, but my psychiatrist on rare occasions would stretch the length of the appointment all the way up to 5 minutes.

I see my therapist every week, for about 45 mins. He’s been harassing me to come twice per week, but I can’t afford that. The cool thing about him is that he’ll do phone sessions with me when I can’t get transportation.

He’s awesome! And I’m very thankful for him.



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A 3 min session with the psychiatrist every two to three months. Never have individual session with therapist.

I’ll bet that she is required to see you less as you get more stable due to insurance rules. But she sees you as getting better so thats a good thing.


I go every Thursday for 45 min.

Boris are there insurance rules like this?