How likely is it that the tv is talking about me?

How likely is that? And has anyone had similar delusions? If so how did you deal with them besides medicine because I know medicine doesnt work alone.

Hmmm I’ve had it before like they are referencing me although I have never heard my name mentioned.


I didn’t mind it either btw but if it’s bothering you then stop watching tv

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The tv talks directly to me. It’s not just the tv though, its everyone. It’s like I’m in a middle of a huge conspiracy.

I have the same problem with television. I’m referenced by the television.

99.9% unlikely that tv would talk about some random schizophrenic.

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I remember a couple times when I was psychotic I thought the news was referencing me through metaphor. T.V. wasn’t a major source for my delusions though. For me, medications did indeed do most of the work. I stopped seeing “signs” in everything and eventually my deluded thoughts followed suit and disappeared over time. For me, medication was the key. But maybe for you , you also need to question the illogical nature of your delusion. I think it would be really good for you if you had a Pdoc and not just a nurse to offer suggestions for you to get over this delusion…but I guess you’re stuck with what you got.

Oh, and to answer your question about how likely it is…it isn’t likely at all…the technology you think is being used to spy on you doesn’t exist. And even if it did, why would anyone bother to spy on you. No offence, but I doubt your life is all THAT interesting to everyone in the world.

I heard history channel and some movies and shows talking to me i thought the netflix series named you was about me because they put that on tv and they talked about me or to me i thought it was normal at the time though like they were communicating with me to help me against the satanic cult that threatened to kill me.

I thought you were gaining insight. There is no such thing as an “unknown celebrity”, it’s a contradiction in terms.

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Not likely. I thought the exact same thing too. it gets better over time. Nobody knows who you are

I was just watching tv and they just referenced where I live. I’m afraid it’s true.

Do u live in a big city or small town?

I used to think everyone knew me! They don’t

Therapy helps. Try that.


@matthewj has a good point. Maybe you need someone to talk to about this besides just people on the forum. Someone to challenge your beliefs.

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I agree you guys. Thankyou.


I thought you said your delusions are over :thinking:
I guess the only way to stop delusions is working meds.

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I’m developing insight into my illness which means I’m starting to question it. I’m not completely sold yet that it’s a delusion, but I’m starting to consider that it is or may be.


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