Tv talking to me

A while ago the tv started talking to me or about me it really freaked me out i know what i heard is it normal with sz what was it an hallucination or not? Anyone else had tv talk to them? am trying to figure out all my delusions to reality but this stands out and i cant seem to get over it

They do that. Freaky

It happens to sz/sza’s. God talked to me out of books for years and years. It’s called “delusions of reference” and it’s common for sz/sza’s.

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Yes mate - i bet all Sz’s have had the Tv talk to them at some point. Its common. Ignore it or adjust your meds.

And please walk away from the tv tell it’s gone.

Whos they? Its stopped doing it now thank god

Close caption for the mental ill. I know it sounds weird

So basically the government do this to mess with the mentally ill why would they do that tho its evil.

Have you had it before what kinda things did it say to you? thanks for reply

Had a demonic voice come over my phone when I was listening to a podcast. Low toned, angry type demonic voice that spoke latin or another language. I couldnt understand it. When I say demonic, I am simply referring to the sound it made, not its essence. But it was very unnerving. 99% of my hallucinations are visual, and they dont speak. So, this one stood out.

Had it early on - when i wasnt medicated. Stuff like the tv broadcaster agreeing with what im thinking etc - or hearing my name called out. Scares the crap outta you at first - but once i found out it was the illness, it became easier to ignore.

Not happened for a long time.

(Altho my TV actually does talk to me - cos its got Alexa built in lol :slight_smile: )


That sounds scary man. Its weird isnt it how are we supposed to get over this? I dont wanna trigger people and im not feeding my delusion but it did really happen man the tv messed me up the government or illumanati did it they have top secret technology to send people insane

This is a common symptom of schizophrenia. But it’s a sign that you’re not doing so well. Therefore the best thing you can do to get help is report this to your psychiatrist.

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It happended about a year ago not had it since but think about the expierence alot pdoc support workers know they just think its impossible just the illness, but i know the truth

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That’s good that you don’t have that symptom anymore. It’s all about making progress.

All I know is that there are realms or different timelines or both, but these interdimensional beings are real. I am absolutely certain. It has to do with your subconscious. It’s in this space that true reality rests.

It could be frequencies, it could be points along the electromagnetic spectrum, but somehow they are there. I am used to visual hallucinations, but some of these things cant be…I just dont believe it. It goes much further. And it gets rather interesting.

The law of affinity, the law of attraction are just slivers of power within the subconscious mind. It’s really quite remarkable, and sounds like an obvious delusion…so, if I’m insane, then so be it. The only questions that arise with that hypothesis is my deepest secrets are now getting into the mainstream at numerous conventions and recent books…interviews and documentaries on the human mind. And also, the witnesses that have experienced these events with me. But, then again, I’m just a madman who is not to be believed because I have a mental illness.

In 2012 I thought that 5 for fighting, and Maroon 5 were barbs at my nuclear family. Like we were all alone. It was the radio not the tv for me.

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