Am I being talked about on tv?

Hi I’m back again but on a different account. I still hear everyone talking about me. I’m being talked about on tv. What do everyone has to say about the girl that’s being talked about on tv. The girl that’s all over tv. What does everyone have to say about that?

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Welcome back! We don’t allow duplicate accounts. I remember you, but could you tell me your previous username so I won’t have to spend time finding it? Thanks.

Also, I don’t live in the US, but that’s a delusion. You’re not being talked about on TV.

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I had asked a moderator to delete that previous account… and thankyou☺️ I needed to hear that.

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You are a part of this world and some may talk about you but not all,

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The same thing we’ve said every previous time you’ve asked. These are hallucinations/delusions caused by an illness and that you are NOT being talked about on TV.


So the television is talking about me?



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I had an experience like this during my psychotic break.

Try to distance yourself from giving it any credibility. Its just paranoia and delusions. Delusions are so tricky to sort out. You might be at a dosage that helps you with your current general symptoms but experience delusions still.

I still experience delusions but they’re not persistent. I understand they’re delusions after a period of time and such.

I recommend relaxing and if it bother’s you and you can’t control it. I recommend trying to limit your exposure to the T.V. when you feel like this is true.


Your soul is detached from people so it searches for reconnection,
So you feel everyone is talking about you, you need signals to reconnect humanity, its the natural coping mechanism of your soul but it shouldn’t mean to you that earth revolves around you,
You are part of this world as anyone other is,

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