How is your working memory?

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My working memory is excellent. (I scored in the 99th percentile on a research study test of it) My long term memory is average. It’s my short term memory that is absolutely terrible…I scored so poorly on those tests as a child the school contacted my mom because it was a point of concern.

When it works, it’s good, almost too good.
When it don’t, it went on vacation.

I had understood that working memory are the same as short term memory :joy:

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Nope! They are different. It’s hard to explain…Wikipedia says “Short-term memory should be distinguished from working memory, which refers to structures and processes used for temporarily storing and manipulating information” Short term memory is just for storing info, whereas working memory is like you’re actively using info or working with it.

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Olanzapine is good for this.

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it has gotten better on this medication

I use to have good memory then I got ill and now it’s sh it.

Abilify? :thinking: 1515

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yeah Abilify Injection 400 or 300 mg

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Here’s a link to explain the difference between short term and working memory.

Here’s a preview.
Short-term memory acts as a kind of “scratch-pad” for temporary recall of the information which is being processed at any point in time, and has been refered to as “the brain’s Post-it note”. It can be thought of as the ability to remember and process information at the same time. It holds a small amount of information (typically around 7 items or even less) in mind in an active, readily-available state for a short period of time (typically from 10 to 15 seconds, or sometimes up to a minute).

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I put good but I think it’s average. I can remember 6-7 items. I think the illness, meds, my diet, and my supposed Aspergers all have affected my memory. For instance, I noticed my recall is terrible right now. On lumosity, my memory started below average and is now in the 50-60 percentile. I have mild memory loss which could be from my diet or illness. I don’t know what my IQ is but I imagine it’s 110 or 120. The average IQ of a math major is 130. Well, I dropped out of math, I struggled, and got c’s. It was at a top 5 math program in the country (undergrad) and top 20 university in the country. I transferred as an economics major so I really wasn’t prepared for math, despite doing well in calculus. I wonder if I have executive function disorder or disorganization. It’s sad but my long term memory used to be really good. (It’s weird but I experienced an increase of short term/working memory a few years ago because of ‘something’). I could remember 7 license plate numbers and all the streets forwards and backwards to a place over 30 minutes away. I also remembered 50 digits of pi! I wish I had that ability back. I wonder what med I was on (abilify or risperdal?) Was I on Alpha Brain, the nootropic? Maybe it was a one time thing.

My memory is a lot better ever since my nutrition has improved and ever since I began taking the nootropic drug, Cognitex Basics, everyday, twice a day. Also, it has improved ever since I began doing yoga for 30- 45 minutes every day and playing the piano for 45 minutes everyday. Meditation for 15 minutes twice a day, everyday, also helps my memory. My scores on cognition tests have gone from “impaired” to “normal”.

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You have a very low level of avolition !! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
I couldn’t do that routine!

My memory is getting worse. About an hour ago I was riding in a car with my brother, and I couldn’t think of the word for “dashboard”. I had to ask my brother, “What’s this thing?” I’ve been doing that more and more.

I tried Lumosity. I think my result might be screwed as it was asking me to remember where the tiles were,spatial-which I’m not good at .

I tried Lumosity. I didn’t like it.