Memory issues

How is your memory? Mine is bad, both short-term and long.

I remember the physical world pretty well. AS far as my thinking is concerned though. I forget what I was thinking about in a matter of seconds. For the most part its all rubbish anyways.

Occasionally I do not remember people. There have been situations when somebody has come to me and started talking with me knowing my name, but I have no idea who these people are. There may be several reasons for this memory blackout.

Between this illness… and the false memories it has caused… the strange perceptions and the sneak brained thinking…

Add to that the years of self medicating and drug use…

And the times I spent just checked out and blocking out the world around me…

My Memory is a boat of Swiss Cheese. So full of holes.

I’ve been working with stuff like Luminosity and things to try and get it back in shape. I think I’m doing better, but I have a long way to go.

really bad,

i studied something for a couple of years and i’d say i have forgotten about 80-90% of everything i was taught, names are hard to remember too. i forget what i did during the day if i dont write it down and then i forget after writing it down, my memory is really horrible i sonetimes think whats the point even being here but my friends like me so i guess that makes it worth it.

I often think of something that I know what it is, but I can’t remember the name of it - like titanium, theology, hepatitis, etc. I have to rack my brain for a few hours to come up with the name for this kind of stuff. It worries me a little that I might have early onset Alzheimer’s.

Short term memory is awful. I’m known for being incredibly forgetful and scattered. Gets way worse if I’m in an episode.

Long term memory is actually pretty good, and my pdoc and therapist are surprised how much I remember. The only thing is it gets scattered as well…so I’ll have all these memories and think I know when they happened, and then I’ll check my journals and find out it happened 3 years earlier or whatever.

What trips me up the most is sometimes my perceptions of an episode fuse into my memory and won’t shake out.

I had a floridly hallucinatory day where I could see my brother, hear his voice, smell his cigarette smoke… but he wasn’t there at all… he was out of town.

I remember the day… I sadly call it the best day that didn’t happen.

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Mine is bad, the short-term one.

the more stress in my life he memory that I have, since being on antipsychotics it has diminished significantly. My therapist has said that we have repeated sessions almost word for word until he stops and asks me if I remember.

If I plan something for tomorrow or next week I’ll remember to do it. I sometimes can’t remember stuff that I did some years ago and I can’t remember the people I was with on certain relevant situations in my life. My problem comes with concentration. If I can concentrate on something I remember it very well. If I’m stressed out or bombarded with stimuli I can’t remember ■■■■.

Mine is bad at times. I might have an idea or something to work on in my mind earlier in the day, but by the time I get home - I’ve forgotten what I wanted to do.

Mine is bad too. both short- and long-term.
I feel I’m stupid.

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My memory is okay now, brain exercises work for me and I’m getting up there in age

I feel the same way.

My working memory is ■■■■■■ up. I am able to retain studied information, however. I do things like lock the door then immediately forget if I did, forget what I just said, ect.

That’s the boat I’m in. I hate that boat sometimes.

Studies… I’m getting better with… retaining notes for class… getting better.

put the clothing in the washer before the dryer?
Locking the door?
keeping track of my shoes?
Why can’t I remember stuff like that too?

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