How is your mood today?

Human mood is very important in life,it is also a factor whether a person is high functioning or not really much depends on mood…

I would rate my mood now at 6/10…what’s yours today?

I spent 8 years wanting to kill myself. Then 8 years trying to make up for the 20’s I missed out on. Know I have spent the last 5 years learning to get use to being alone. Know I achieved that and I am getting a social life. Its a struggle but I’m improving.


Boris congratulation,compare to you I am a piece of nut,I had only been suffering for schizophrenia for 5 years but to me it’s a long five years

Once a friend told me the more deep ■■■■ your in,the deeper ■■■■ your in,you would probably climb higher than people who isn’t in ■■■■ as deep as you,hope you guys understand


i’ve been suffering with a migraine since i woke up this morning so i’m feeling pretty useless today. never mind. only one more week to go and i’ll b back to my usual chirpy self. hopefully tomorrow will b better…fingers crossed.

My mood changes by the hour, sometimes by the minute. I don’t think I’ve ever spent a day all in one mood.

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Sounds like what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. However, you have to completely over come it to gain the advantages of going through hard times. Such as it often helps you become more open minded.

well i was about a 5 out of 10 and then i went to burger king and did something stupid when filling my drink up and that cheered me up a bit even tho i was covered in coke so i was about a 6 and then after eating i went down to a 4 and now i am at a 5 again i think.

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For the past few days, my mood has been a 10/10. I’ve been getting out and walking 5+ miles per day. And socializing with new friends that I’ve made.

I’m definitely feeling blessed to be feeling so well. I hope the positivity keeps on going. Sending positive energy to all of you too!




I sort of wave through my day. I’m never below a 5. The lows are seeing other family members having a hard time with each other, and a few of the head circus glitches.

The highs are coming home at night and really seeing just how different life is now compared to what it was even this time last year. It’s been a very positive year.

I’ve gotten a lot of ideas and inspiration from this forum… I didn’t think of school until I started seeing others on here doing well in school. That is just a small example of why I love this forum.

Thank you all.


8/10, I feel good this morning.

This reminds me of my time in the LTSR (Long Term Structured Residency). Every morning we were asked to rate our mood on a scale from 1-10. Some people thought that if they said they were a 10 that they’d get out sooner. They’d do it every single morning. Not like the doctor wouldn’t see through that. Others didn’t care and always just said 10 to get the meeting finished.

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It seems most of you here had good mood and must be doing well,I am glad!I still remember the tough time where my mood was always 3-4/10,it’s very difficult to live

I’m about an 8/10 despite the rain and snow. I started taking vitamins, melatonin buspar and I’m taking better care of my moods and health.

Today have been a bad day for me…I’d say 5/10. I’ve stayed in my room the entire day. But tomorrow is going to be a whole lot better. I’m going to hit the road to visit a friend in the countryside.

my mood is usually 8/10 in the mornings and then 10/10 in the afternoon and evenings. I am not a morning person.

My mood is good and as usual I listen some happy music. Mood is very important. I just took my evening meds, 10 pills, and soon I get tired and start sleeping only to wake up in the early morning as I always do. Other people go partying and to bars and elsewhere, but I stay in my little rental apartment always and I keep my system and schedule very standard, because it is good for me. Cheers!

You’ve been meeting new people? I’m really happy for all the healing that has been coming into your life. So much has happened in such a short time.

You have worked so hard. I’m glad it’s paying off.

Thank you for all your help and advice in the past. I still waiver between Occupational Therapist and Psych nursing. The ideas you have given me in the past have opened up a lot of dialogue with options and answers.

Thank you again and I always wish the best for you.

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I’m feeling a 2/10 today…

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Sorry you are feeling so bad,hold on for a while,things would get better


I guess my mood is similar to how it is most days. I suffer from low self esteem everyday and I try to keep myself entertained all day on disability. Not much exciting to report, like no major delusions or hallucinations lately. I just live alone most of the time and try to get by without getting too depressed or crazy about it.