Abilify maintena 400mg

hi, i have been on abilify maintena like 6 months now and i tought what dosage is 12mg a day? it feels hell lot more than that, i meaby get lowered on 10mg tablets now. i got sick like year ago. whats your opion how much is it mg/day?. im sick of the needles too. and i am paranoid sz but i dont had any symptomps like 4months now. abilify best drug in eu!

When I was on abilify maintena it only went up to 300 mg. I took that plus a 15 mg tablet. I got sick of needles too now I’m on 20 mg tablets only. I felt the tablets were more powerful than the shots!! I would get the shots every 28 days instead of every 30 days and I still felt the tablets were more powerful!!

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strange. but i was too 22,5mg abilify tablets and its was very strong. i think 10 mg wont be so powerful whats is good thing have to try it.

i strange too that finland doenst have schizophreniform diagnose i was sick 3-4 months not full 6 months. i must wrote this. if am right that it must be 6 months at least for sz diagnose. :open_mouth:

I’m on 10mg tablets and it’s keeping me stable.

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