How I overcame some of my delusions

Step 1 you need to wake up, and realize that the entirety of your reasoning is imaginary.
You need somehow “peek through a window” then you need use that to re-shape your reasoning/delusion
Here is a way you can look at your reasoning differently
-on these forums, you can look at someone stories and delusions as completely false, but yours are somehow true?
[post below if you can thing of different ways]
-insight was key for me

Step two-
understand that your delusions, come from your own reasoning.
"This isn’t a fight against your reasoning, rather realizing your own reasoning is completely nonsense.

-People get caught up in the “convictions” of the delusions and wrestle with them.

“The great thing to know about reasoning” your reasoning is your own, so you can change, re-shape it if you wish.
[you can decide your own reasoning]

I will say it again [this isn’t a fight over your delusional reasoning] rather it is you realizing that you decide your reasoning, and waking up to the idea that your reasoning is a uncommon tie to reality

"took me five days of not fighting but waking up to the idea, and my delusion changed.

P.S who gives a ■■■■ about your evidence to your delusion, don’t fight with your convictions/delusions, your “entire” reasoning is your own and you can decide to change/re-shape it.


I disagree with what you are saying. My delusion is not a result of a decision I made, it is not logical and it can’t be reasoned with. It comes forward from the sub conscious and that is anything but reasonable.

You make it sound as though we can get rid of delusions just by changing the way we think. It’s not that easy. I am happy for you though, it’s great that yours are gone.

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Sounds like you split your reasoning into two

One side the delusion
The other side saying and thinking it’s imagination
Not waking up to the entirety of the situation being nonsensical, and re routing reasoning, understanding that it is your reasoning/ not fighting with it and knowing you decide your own reasoning

Consistently re-shaping your reasoning

It takes a lot of courage to be that honest with yourself. I can confess I notice this in myself as well: a strong resistance against the pair of freedom and responsibility. Many times, it is much more comfortable to shut one’s eyes in the face of freedom and responsibility. Even when I am suffering. For at least it is not self-inflicted suffering, when my eyes are closed.

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Fly bottle i have seen u after long time …!!! How are u buddy …??

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I have been doing very well, no suffering from SZ here, just some minor struggles with worldly problems. But all is well …!!! :wink:

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@Cj56 I like your reasoning its very inspirational