How good are ur sleeping habit

mine is pathetic ,i take zolpidem as sleep aide nothing happing,any suggestion…!!!

I thought you were taking Seroquel?

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juzt 25mg not really effective i may upp it up to some limit…

Is your AP stimulating to you?

Somewhat it sedates me a lot … i am on low dose possible…!!!

My sleeping habits are all over the place. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep. Lately I’ve been getting a good, solid nine hours of sleep at night, but that is the exception, not the rule.

im sleeping every night for ~7 hours and wake up at ~8 am
like a clock

I used to have severe insomnia. What really helped were meds, i have to admit. I was put on trazodone and melatonin and it knocked me out like a baby. Now I only take Trazodone :slight_smile: Hope you find what works best for you!

it’s hard for me to go to bed early because the night is so relaxing for me. I don’t want to get out of it. But also I’m often antsy so it’s hard to sleep. My body shakes around too much.

I sleep like ■■■■. I have terrible falling asleep as well as staying asleep. It’s no fun. I usually get about 4hrs a night. Wish I could get more but I don’t have the time or patience.

I sleep like a baby for 12 solid hours. LMAO

What meds you take?

Who me? Abilify 20mg and Effexor 75mg

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My sleeping schedule is so erratic. One night I’ll sleep just fine and many nights when the hallucinations kick in or I can’t sit still sleeping is impossible even with meds. I sleep a lot better during the day as the hallucinations aren’t bad but for some reason the evil laugh starts in at night so that makes sleeping difficult. I wonder in your case if just sleeping when your tired or sleeping at a different time may help. If you have a job this suggestion won’t work I don’t think. I’ve tried the trazadone and Lunesta and the side effects are worse than the symptoms so no sleep meds for me.

I sleep about 10 hours, but am happier sleeping 12. I’m on abilify 10mg only.

i sleep 10 hours i often use melatonine.
i love sleeping.

Yeah lately I don’t have trouble sleeping.
Between the Depakote (Sedating) and a higher dose of Risperdal (Sedating) and Klonopin (Sedating) it’s a triple Whammy! I sleep like a Baby :baby: Zzzzz

Excesersize naturally fight insomnia the sleep of someone who is active is sweet I slept too well on trazidone I thought I woke up on the other side