How friendly are you?

I think people are scared to just approach me. They judge me by my cover. But within those pages lies the coolest, friendliest, person you could ever get to know.

I’m friendly 99% of the time. I always smile at people when I make eye contact though I find it difficult to maintain eye contact… A friend of mine thanked me for my friendliness just last week. If I meet rude and unfriendly people I’ll be friendly at first but avoid them from then on. Un friendliness makes me anxious.

I know what unfriendly is because it’s like hostility. The look of I am going to harm you. To prove someone’s distaste in a person. If a person gets so anxious they literally cannot control their own actions. Heart rates escalate tone of voice. Then sometimes action becomes fight or flight. Talk is just that talk. Util you realize what the other unfriendly is all about their reason their rationale, why are they mad. It’s just the concrete belief that I am control of my own emotions, nothing can overexcite beyond which I’m able to control the outcome of. It’s just a philosophy.

I am not unfriendly but it takes a lot for me to be comfortable and at ease with someone.

The people I work with and around cause me great frustration. They might know it, and they might not. I don’t know. And it may be just me. But I get endlessly surprised when they are friendly and polite and respectful towards me. Reminds me of an old joke. “I would rather have some say " How are you doing?” and not mean it, then have them say “■■■■ you” and mean it". But yeah,I make an effort to be friendly. A friendly “Hi” from someone is a small ray of light in the frequent sea of dark morass I live in. (I’m exaggerating,but close to the truth) But if someone is friendly to me, no matter who it is or what they look like than I will be friendly back to them.When someones smiles and says 'Hi" and I give them a frown back, I know it’s time to check myself and start making an effort to be nice or friendly. After all, being polite and having manners and being civil is the lubricant that makes the machine of society run smoothly.


that is very great advice thank you

I walk around a large city and I think everyone is afraid to approach everyone. Stranger danger is in high kick these days. Everyone is so scared and angry and freaked out… I don’t think I’m being judged by my cover as much as everyone is afraid of everyone.

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