Strangers are friends we haven't met yet....?

My poor kid sis said the oddest thing in her snow giddy state.
“A stranger is friend you haven’t met yet.”

Was she kidding? I did a bit more then scoff.

I told her how scary and awful strangers are and how they are so hurtful. She was gentle about it, but she did ask me when have I had a stranger really hurt me lately?

Well, not in a very long time actually. In fact I’ve been hurt by family much more then strangers.

So she asked me to think about strangers that I might talk to. Just to say hi or if a stranger walked up to me, how bad would it be?

What sort of stranger might I try and reach out to, if I was going to try? I was thinking I’m more comfortable around females then males.

I’m usually more at ease around women who aren’t chatty or loud. For guys, I am more at ease around guys who are a little more reserved and don’t brag it up. Any flash and I’m turning and walking away. Loud and sudden movements do tend to ward me off. I do like a person who will try and smile a bit.

It made me think, what sort of person could walk up to you gently and not make you turn and run.


she does have a point your sis, but for me i don’t like anyone invading my personal space .
my personal space being an area of a quarter of a mile all around me.
that is just me.
take care

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That’s kind of a nice saying, but I agree with you that strangers can hurt you.

I always love your posts, bro!

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I can say hi if a stranger speaks to me first but i don’t feel comfortable and try to avoid looking at anyone i don’t know.

I have never been hurt by a stranger as bad as I have by someone I thought I knew.

What a pleasant thought. However in my reality I think strangers are just that, strange. I’m sure they wouldn’t be if we all could just break the ice. We’re all human we do the same stuff to survive. Why do we take others for strangers in the first place? I get it. There are some weirdos out there. But out in the super market what not, free to break the ice with a stranger is nice. My best friend was a stranger until I met him. And the farther we grow apart like not calling each other, the stranger we become.

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I actually get jealous of friends and family when they are able to talk to strangers. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that ever since high school. I rarely talk to strangers. What happens to me sometimes is that a stranger will make a comment , and then start a friendly conversation with me If I am in a line for something, at a store or something and I will start out OK but then I can never hold up my end of the conversation, and I end up trying to get OUT OF the conversation. It really bugs me that I do that. I always think my moms cool when we are out in public and she will start a conversation with someone. She will do something like make a sincere comment on how well they are dressed or what they’re buying. And I know my mom. We fight, we hurt each others feelings, we get a little personal (rarely though) in our attacks. Then she fixes me dinner! She’s just good old Mom!!. But then when she talks to some one I suddenly see her as other people her. People respect her. And they don’t disrespect her. All of a sudden she’s the nice women who is genuinely interested in people and respects them and they respect her back, and she’s in the role of the older, kindly lady, making other people she’s talking to feel good about themselves. I bet your kidsister does something like that too.
Friends are strangers we haven’t met yet???

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Just ran into some strangers actually, two people on my way to the store.

somehow the incredibly high girl seemed to know my name and then called me stupid.

Just saw them out there yesterday again, she walked by and asked “are you pregnant or deficient?” Im a bit on the large side.

Human beings are hideous, and if you are friends with them then that only means you are one of them doesn’t it? How else could you be a friend with them?

Not saying that im good, yet.

Sis is right. There is a saying something like: How do you know if you can trust someone? By trusting them. Sometimes you have to take a chance and see where it goes. Like the plant lady. She used to be a stranger. I’m not saying welcome everyone with open arms but maybe not expect everyone to hurt you would be a first step. If they do hurt or offend then walk away and try to remember the world is also full of people like your sis :smiley:

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I don’t know what is up with my poor neighbors plants. She can easily conquer a really complicated recipe but she can’t figure out how not to over water or under water her plants.

I get confused in the situation. My sis says our neighbor is being obvious. I can’t figure what she’s being obvious about. I think it’s obvious that she’s not good with plants and I hope she quits buying them.

I also think the poor woman is partially deaf. Sad because she’s a little younger then I am. When ever I try to tell her something she inches closer and closer. So I’ve been learning to speak up and try and enunciate.

I can’t say for sure but I would trust your sis’s observation that she is being obvious in her attempts to show that she likes you perhaps more then just as a neighbor. Does she inch closer to your sister when she is talking? As for the plants. I’m not good with them myself but I think I could manage to keep one alive :wink:

This is not something that has crossed my mind. It’s nice being friends. I just didn’t think of it one way or the other.

Come to think of it, she doesn’t inch towards my sister. But then my sister did scare her that one day. I have some figuring out to do.