How dopamine leads to hallucinations


The model of hallucination as sensory representation, differentiated from ordinary perception on the basis of an absent stimulus is flawed. It’s easily demonstrated by the fact that people can know hallucination from perception. Were this to be the case on the basis of a secondary awareness of the presence or absence of a stimulus, the model runs into regress.

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The higher truth is contrary to all theoretical assumptions;
1- all aspects of changes in the dopamine ( or any brain"s protein ) does not create the hallucinations (the basic structure of the sz health condition) or even leads to the symptoms
2- the hallucination in nature is a non-human psychological self (s),it have an independent existence about the human psychological self

  • Person with sz have one brain and 2 active mind
    3- The hallucination is a whole psychological entities not a mental symptoms at all
    4-the dopamine or else unable to create non-human psychological entities !

If A creates the human psychological self functionally
If A is the human psychological self
If A is the ideas that expresses all subjects
If A creates the idea from things or nothings
If A creates the attention,alertness and the sense of self
If A creates all mental,emotional and behavioral processes
If A creates the psychological health state by making the chemical system of the brain in an equilibrium case

Any form of change in A will not create the parasitical hallucination functionally or cause it ontologically

A is the human gene (s),anatomical structure or all body’s chemicals

Hallucination is a stranger psychological self entering the conscious mind of the human host through out the psychological port !

Hallucination in it self (potential state) isolated and independent about the human host is not a thing /part of human being structure at all ,and it is not a cellular product or /mentally,emotionally or behaviorally ,it is merely something similar to the thing that you call it I ,my self or the self But not human in nature,it is a whole psychological entity (s) not from our human nature !!

Notice that, i write these statements in 2021 for your knowledge !

If we accept the argument that the hallucination is a “perceptual experiences without External Stimuli” as the assumption claim

If there is no external stimuli,this means that the stimuli must be Internal !
The question;
What is the basic nature of the internal stimuli that produced these mental perceptions continuously not interrupted most period of wakefulness ?

In the case,if you belief that or say that the dopamine is the internal stimuli:
you are putting yourself in trouble OR enter a maze while no way out,because you need an Atlas that explain the infinite details of the diversity of these perceptual experiences to the point where it is impossible to limit them, count them or even reduce them to fewer factors
For example
Can you explain the meaning of the world of all ideas through a state of chemical equilibrium for dopamine or any change that occurs with it,whatever the causes of these changes ?

What is mechanism that transforms the quantity / quality of the dopamine secreted in the brain INTO identical mental concept ( perceptual experiences) ?

In all cases,the actual reality is that the effect of the parasitical functional activities of the conscious hallucination causing all forms of the perceptual experiences and emotional feelings for the human host (regardless the level of chemical balance degree) !!!
it causing an audible vocal thoughts which you call them Perceptual experiences !

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You said a mouthful. It reminds me of Freud’s model of the personality - the id, the ego, and the superego - in that it is elegant and compelling, but it isn’t very useful. It doesn’t help you predict much. There are so many internal representations that are necessary to interpret reality. It would be easy to get lost in them.

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If we assume,for sake of argument,that are 2 people who speak the Chines language (for example) ,one of them ill with corona and the second with Sz,and both of them are in a state of deep sleep.

And there is a doctor who does not speak this language
The Questions;
1- Can a doctor diagnose a case of corona in a sleeping person ?
2- Can a doctor diagnose sz( or the hallucinations) in a sleeping person ?
NOT possible,because there is no material for the sz or hallucination to reveal it

the matter requires the person to be in a state of alert,mutual bilateral dialogue with the doctor in the presence of a translator

Is @panoramic202 a bot?

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Dopamine definitively causes psychosis. Weed increases dopamine and it makes me psychotic. Antipsychotics block dopamine and I get positive symptoms when I reduce or stop them. Taking a dopamine boosting supplement made me have positive symptoms.

In the case,if the dopamine or any brain’s protein is the functional cause that produce the conscious hallucination / psychosis / the parasitic psychological condition be called sz or even any symptom of sz

How to use the degree of dopamine concentration in the brain during the period of sleep or wakefulness to diagnose the presence of the hallucination or any symptom of sz ?
If the dopamine is the substance of hallucination (psychosis or else ) ,you must prove this mouthful assumption in the case of sleep and wakefulness instead to talking about the medication program of antipsychotices !

Show us how to use the dopamine to diagnosing the sz,hallucination or any symptom ?

In order to know exactly the actual role of the neurotransmitter during the hallucination effect;
What are the mental and chemical processes (accompaying them) which are supposed to occur in the normal person and position after the functional mind completes the process of (understanding )
reading the implicit meaning of the cognitive signals that arrived to it through the neurotransmitter ?

What happens immediately after you understand your self-idea ?
what are the inner pathways taken by the mentally understood material until it ends with memory,the decision-making regarding the behavioral responses (expressive / motor) and reverse chemical processes that are supposed to git rid of the metabolism of the thinking process and return to the stability position (rest /zero) ?

When the hallucination effect occurs (broadcasting the voices ):
Where does the direct effect of the hallucination appears on those pathways that be taken by the mentally understood cognitive material ?

AT what point does the collision / intervention occur between the hallucination"s voices and the paths of the mentally understood cognitive material ?

Please,do not think that you know the hallucination effect while you know nothing about what we said !

If the pathogen itself of the sz condition is the thing that you call it Hallucination
if this casual factor (interfering / interceptor) has no genetic material at all,has no cellular,organic body or chemical composition,and can pick up the cognitive signals of the self-ideas that have been mentally understood and repeating them phonetically,then change their original concept and then imprint the malicious modified concept (delusional /deceptive )into the host"s personal memory to become a natural part of self-knowledge before the host makes any behavioral responses

The simple question;
what is the medical treatment that prevents any part of malicious effects ?

please,do not talk about negative or /positive symptoms at all ,and do no not tell us that there is a medicine that removes the hallucination entity and its effects partially /permanently for any period of time (seconds),just as the headache pain can be removed from the head by Aspirin !

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Agree as above,you’re read a lot or think a lot.
From what you wrote,there must be external stimulation of brain,either something else.
Not to fall into discussion that will close the thread,can you tell me am I right thinking about external stim?

You are right if you think that,the main stimulus is an external, basic on the fact that the hallucination is not a part from the human psychological self and not a product of the human genes ,it is a parasitical stimulus like a virus /bacteria but it have not an organic body /biological system or genetic material ,it is locating in the inner nature of human host look like the location of the human psychological self( ,the conscious mind,the psychological personality,the person )

The stimulus in the structure / function is like your self ,but it is not your inherited psychological self (original psychological USER) ,the person with sz is the only one can diagnoses the hallucination existentially and coexist with the details of its effects step by step all period time of wakefulness

while all external observers can not diagnosing the hallucination by naked eyes or ears or touch them at all,and can not diagnosing the hallucination by any lab tools ,and above of all most external observers imagine that the hallucination is the thoughts of the person,imaginations ,his memories data events …etc

In other words,the actual stimulus (hallucination entity) is not external environmental of any daily life events

I know,you want know where the hallucination locating in the brain ,how it works , what kind of changes has been occurring in the biochemical background and who we can treatment all of these

As a principle,the hallucination does not locating in the brain cells themselves, and does not working inside these cells but it is exist between the brain cells which they transform the cognitive messages from the production center of thoughts into the functional mind

The hallucination has seeks to inter the cells of brain through out the linking with every mental feedback related any thought/ data or message that have been understood mentally
(please keep this information in your mind when you try to understand the pathway of any chemical imbalance)

So,in all cases,the idea has released from the original source in the brain through out the neurotransmitters as Usual without any disorder /change (even if the content of the self-idea is wrong logically )
BUT,after the functional mind receives all cognitive messages and makes his common (mind view)
and understand the meaning content of the message ,the hallucination pick up the mental understanding and reads its content and repeating it by vocal mechanism causing the perception vocally ( the person hears his self-idea through out a strange reader )

in sums, the hallucination will enter the brain cells through repeating the content of mental understanding ,and this is the first early step of the mini schizophrenic process which repeating itself one after one through the hours of wakefulness time without stop causing the chemical imbalance and radical changing in the self-knowledge content !

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If X is a chemical substance (protein) that accompanies the idea or /precedes it or /tracks it or / creates it or transfers it from the main source of the broadcast to the rest of the cells of the brain regions

The current theory says ,there is an excessive increase in production of the chemical substance X due to the effect of a defect gene(s) or anatomical structure …etc
And this increase is what causes the sz condition ontologically and its symptoms functionally

The question;
Why no one asks about the reverse chemical processes that supposed to get rid of dopamine metabolism, have not occurred as usual after each thought process specially it is exposed to the intervention /effect of the hallucination ?

the level degree of attention ,it does not settle at the resting position,but rather escalates gradually after occurrence of each thought process that is exposed to the intervention of the hallucination without slightest opportunity to the decreasing (immediately / progressive )

Do you know the functional behavior of the hallucination that causes the non-occurrence of the reverse chemical processes that restore the state of rest (balance ) ?

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Is the amount of dopamine produced from regular food impactful?

I read this random article on dopamine food Dopamine Foods | New Health Guide There are relatively few items listed that I consume. (Fruit, berry, nut, oatmeal.) I understand that food alone never causes hallucinations in any case. Yet I wonder how diet affects my case, regarding dopamine specifically.

The functional activities of the hallucination entity which blocking the reverse chemical processes that restore the state of rest (chemical balance) ;

The hallucination entity (s) works as a machine to produce the vocal thoughts in a sequential manner,it does not leave areas of silence or stopping between one of its thoughts and the next following it

Hallucination makes its vocal thoughts are transmitted in the conscious mind of the human host one by one , provided that they are in their sequence faster than the speed of the flow of the self-ideas in the conscious mind ,like the waves of the sea following one after another

the sequence occurs in the form of a continuum of phonemic thoughts (cojunctiva /interlocking )
and take long time in the conscious mind more than the natural level to the degree that it is appears as an endless process (although it is consist of many thoughts in a sequential manner )

Therefore,the reverse chemical processes does not work for 2 reasons (as we think);
1-there is no genetic program or /orders or self mental function to produce the front process (the vocal thoughts ).it is unknown process
2- the front process (vocal thought ) takes long time and never leave an areas of silence between one and the next and there no stop automatically for this process to any period of time even with using the medication !
the person never feels the Resting Position all time of wakefulness as long as he hears the vocal thoughts of hallucination

I once hallucinated that I was hallucinating,
The demon calls my name and instruct me to give him my soul