Dopamine and Psychosis


Thanks for sharing this

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i read some of it. sounded like a polite summation of what we have known for some time. thanks, judy

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I found this article to be very helpful. If the contents are true, it explains a lot. THANK YOU! :upside_down_face:

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In any person with sz;
the main change occurs only in the cognitive signal concept AFTER understanding its content mentally,which in turns leads to a change in the personal mental response,emotion and all types of behavior
this means that,the dopamine is not responsible for the ideological change in the self-knowledge concepts

@panoramic202 . Dopamine has been indicated for years with sz simply from examinations of sufferers brains. It’s not an ideological change. That is a system of thought and there’s plenty of evidence for physical triggers with schizophrenia in general.

Please. This is a support website. Stay and be supportive. Promoting ideas which aren’t scientifically viable certainly is a part of the disorder which is why I ask you to approach the community without having to promote your ideas…There’s many a truth in the schizophrenic universe.