How does one get away from Mental Health Act BC?

I have had drug induced psychosis, and have had been on invega sustenna for a year, How do I get away from this? I love to smoke weed and drink occaisonally, But can I still do that after I am away from this stabilization unit? Can’t I just be a normal Human being? I am currentley staying in a Cottage that does not allow any drugs use at all except caffeine and Nicotine, so I have been focusing more on Joing programs to get Certificates and then a Job eventually… Is it worth it? Or do I just stay on my PWD, smoke weed and drink, and then have another psychotic break when my life and people around me get depressed? I am stuck I want to do the things that make me happy like progress and work, But I love to have a drink of alcohol, I need someone honest and is not going to tell me I AM DOING THIS WRONG or THAT, Ya know? Just someone’s experience to help me form an opinion. maybe some cold hearted advice or warm.

You keep leaning on the things that literally broke your brain, and want to get away from the one thing that is making you stable. You want someone to tell you this is okay?

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Welcome to the forum. Just to let you know, we do not allow discussion of drugs and alcohol except in a recovery manner. We have members who are recovering alcoholics and this type of conversation is triggering for them.

As for your question, weed and alcohol can trigger psychosis. It’s a good idea to stay away from both. Alcohol is also known to interact with antipsychotics. Not only that, the liver metabolizes medication and also booze. That means drinking makes your liver work even harder.

So yeah, occasionally imbibing is ok according to some pdocs, but most agree that staying away from weed and alcohol will keep you saner and healthier in general.

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I never had a big problem with drugs, but I used to drink very heavily. I quit in 2013. Since then, I went from being homeless to getting an apartment, then getting a job, then getting a better job, then meeting a partner, then getting married, then buying a house, then adopting a child, then going back to school for my PhD. I don’t miss alcohol at all, compared to all those things. I haven’t had a hallucination in 3 years.


drugs and alcohol and cigarettes are dangerous substances if you already had psychosis, You have the genes you are predisposed of a relapse

Keep away from alcohol and drugs they will only contribute to making your psychosis worse. Believe me I was a drunk for 25 years and the meds. didn’t work because I drank alcohol.

Probably few weed smokes will induce psychosis again. I used to do drugs and my first diagnosis was also drug induced psychosis. You might have sz, in my country usually pdocs diagnose with schizophrenia straight away. Also weed will stop invega from working. I settled now for a smoke tobacco and drink coffee and im quite happy

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