Alcohol and Psychosis?

Does anybody drink at all?

What has it meant for your psychosis?

I miss being able to drink and go out. But I don’t really want to have to deal with psychosis ever again. I’ve been recovering pretty well in two years. I only smoke cigarettes.

(Goes without saying but I don’t touch other street drugs like weed)

But yeah, I really feel like I’m missing out (I’m only 25, I’m even at university)


I enjoy a drink but it’s not healthy and beer is simply wasted calories. I’m trying to lose weight so off the beer and doing well with things. Some people it’s not an issue. For others it’s a huge one. Not wise to drink on the meds anyways so avoiding alcohol is the healthier thing.


Has it ever interfered with your daily routines? or maybe your voluntary work?

I have a fear it’d cause paranoia or just lead me to hospital. The recovery from another hospital visit isn’t something I feel is something I can risk.

I still really want to drink again though. It’s complicated.

I never really drank to get drunk so it was basically to relax and it was mid strength so not as much alcohol. Never noticed any difference with the meds but I was pretty responsible. If you can live without it your way better off especially if you abused it in the past.

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I didn’t have an alcohol problem per se. It was a street drug problem, when I was a little bit younger.

I don’t know what I’m like with being moderate in behaviour/impulse control though. Which I guess is where the Crux of the risk lies.

I understand your advice though, I might speak to a nurse about it. See what they understand of the medical / physiological side.

I cleaned up at age 23, booze and drugs. I think it made psychosis worse, but that was 29 years ago and I gotta be honest that things from that period are kind of hazy. I found it awkward to be young and sober at first, but then I adjusted and things were fine. My daughter never saw me wrecked. I’ve never said anything I’ve regretted to my family while loaded. I’ve saved a lot of money I was able to put to better use. It worked out.


I go off alcohol for almost ten years. Drinking alcohol make me headache.


This is actually reassuring MrSquirrel. Because I feel so much so like I am missing out.

I basically watched someone’s video on Instagram and I got triggered and envied the night out that I was seeing. It kind of affected me

But you’ve pretty much said what I can gain if I refrain and it’s also why I gave it all up two years back (same age as yourself at the time)

It’s a difficult situation. I can’t help the yearn. And it’s illogical.

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Yeah, that’s true as well actually. It can be problematic.

A lot of the people I was jealous of turned out to be people I didn’t need to be jealous of. A lot of the partiers haven’t gone that far in life. A quarter century later I look at them and shake my head. My suggestion is to get involved in volunteering. You’ll meet people who care about others, and who work to make a difference in the community. Much better crowd to run with. Tend to be fewer alkies in that bunch. Some light social drinkers, sure, but there’s nowhere near as much pressure.


I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I believe that alcohol played a role in making me psychotic. I would start drinking beer in the morning, and before the day was over I would have drank over thirty beers. I would go like that for five or six days and then have a serious hangover. Sometimes when I had the alcoholic shakes I was close to being psychotic. One time after a hard drunk I somehow figured out with my brilliant logic that they had pushed the button, and our nuclear missiles were headed towards Russia, and their missiles were headed towards us. I was wondering if it would do me any good to crawl under the bed.

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The vast majority of the time I can take or leave alcohol. Most weeks I have no booze at all. Christmas time is an exception . I’ve still got a small amount of Christmas alcohol left. That having been said historically I have had a pattern of drinking a lot of alcohol quickly to cope with acute stress. That invariably has involved crashing out on the bed.

It’s been over a decade since the last episode of such behaviour. I think the regular depot since 2009 has played a part in that.

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I really want to drink too. Idk what to do about this. Not like all the time though. It really sucks. But maybe it is for the best!!

I used to drink occasionally in my 20s especially.
I never was considered a big drinker or alcoholic.

I quit drinking alcohol decades ago.

I don’t like feeling out of control.

I went through a short period where I was abusing alcohol. I wasn’t addicted to it however. I was just drinking in order to justify and fit in with the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings I was attending. I was lonely and very psychotic and I needed their support.

In reality, alcohol always triggers migraines in me. So, for me, drinking is pure Hell.

I don’t drink anymore. It messes with my Wellbutrin and I feel really depressed then.

That’s acc a good point. I imagine I’d be dehydrated and quite tired. More so than already.

I suppose that’s true. I remember sometimes getting headaches (not migraines) from alcohol. It’s not nice at all

I think it’s just a culture and “youth” thing, fit in a scene kind of thing.

Did you ever feel like alcohol specifically contributed to or worsened psychotic illness?

Yeah. It’s proper annoying because whislt everyone I would’ve been friends with is out there having a good time. I’m sat here telling myself that better things will come, forever fighting the monotony