How does official diagnosis affect health insurance and background checks?

How does being officially-diagnosed with schizophrenia affect health insurance premiums and background checks for future job prospects?

I’ve wondered about this as well. In Europe it’s more difficult to find out people’s diagnoses because of privacy and data protection laws. But they often ask you at job interviews, do you have any mental health conditions we should know about, which can be a bit tricky to answer.

There is some complexity around disability laws as well, at least in the UK. I’m not 100% sure but I think sz qualifies as a disability which means you have some special protections if they know you have it and take you on anyway. It can work for you or not, is what I was told.

It also depends what kind of job you apply for. Working as a gardener is a lot more acceptable for someone with sz than something responsible like a public notary.

Good points. Thanks for responding!

Someone I know wanted to get life insurance because he has a young daughter. The life insurance was going to cost more because he has the diagnosis of bipolar. His pdoc wrote a letter saying he had been seeing the individual or three years and had no reason to be believe he was bipolar, and so the life insurance was reduced in price.


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