Schizophrenics can make $100,000 a year

I’ll admit I’ve had a couple beers…

hey everybody, here’s what I’ve learned.

a Schizophrenic (and I hate that word… a person suffering from schizophrenia) can pull in a 6 figure salary provided that

you don’t know your Sz, for example, I never did and I never had a psychosis until I was 45 years old
I have been under alot of stress, for example, I had a father who was assistant chief of police and a terrible alcoholic, a mother who tried to deal with it but was rather fruity, and I had my own bouts of depression and panic attacks over it due to the stress

I’m angry that suddenly I’ve been slammed into these mental health wards and treated like a fruit, and my health record is now coded ICD-9 or 10 like I am a fruit, and healthcare workers in the US freak out because my EHR is coded like I’m a fruit, not an executive pulling in 6 figures

I’d give anything to sit with Elyn Saks and compare notes, I think mental health care in the United States sucks, as a person can pull in 6 figures until a bunch of freaks ‘outs’ them with stigma

I am used to making $45/hr or more in my profession, until now

my alcoholic father was never treated for his alcoholism, why? what a political nightmare.

my father would have had to goto a mental health hospital as assistant chief of police, imagine the press on that one

My mom and I sufferred for years, the stress was so incredible I cannot describe it having my father, mentally ill with his alcohol addiction, come home drunk, dumped on the couch by the police department. I can only dream of life without a father suffering from such an addiction.

I know my grades went up when the stress of this situation went away in my life, from high school to college.

the police would bring my Dad home when he was drunk, back then, that was just what they did. Can you imagine the bad press that would occur if the assistant chief of police was treated for his mental illness, substance abuse, alcohol.

the stress of all of this has damaged my brain, my genes say as well as my own research into my heritage say that my biological mother had Sz, I keep hearing that each psychosis you have damages your brain. You can imagine, this is alot of stress for any human being. I can see where I am in life. Amazing research I never thought I’d ever have to do.

In today’s society, and with the US ■■■■ healthcare delivery system, it’s better not to know you have Sz in your life. Healthcare workers treat you like garbage. The system locks you into a cement bunker. I did have a TIA mini stroke 2 years ago, but I can see the Sz diagnosis overshadows that and has inhibited my access to healthcare. I have no credibility now with this Sz diagnosis code on my EHR even with my education.

I am sad for my children, I want them to know that stress damages their brain as they have my genes. They should learn to manage this in their life as well as manage this ■■■■ healthcare system.

I’m so angry. My biological mother gave up her child, most likely due to the schizophrenia diagnosis I’m told she had. Did she have Sz or just psychosis due to lymes disease, I’ll never know. She gave me up for adoption. I had wonderful people adopt me and had a great life so far, I see why adoptions were closed in 1966. Have we made progress since 1966? I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem so.

I had a job in the 90s where I made a comparable amount. It wasn’t an hourly wage, it was contracted work orders for mostly painting and some light renovations and construction. It all depended how many people worked on one job and how long it too. Half the time I worked alone.
On that particular job there wasn’t even an application so no worries. The only problem with construction type jobs is they are very physical, and if someone was on meds it would probably be hard to keep up. They wanted us in and out of the houses as fast as possible, and do quality work.

It stinks they stigmatize on most jobs though. And if you get on disability you end up making in a whole month what you used to make in a week.


but I’ve seen nurses faces when they see my EHR now that is says Sz. I used to be diagnosed with stress and the Dr. would try to give me a antidepressant.

back then I would say if my job is so stressful I need a pill, or if my husband is a fruit and spanking his monkey for the dopamine rush, I should find a new job and a new husband, I don’t want to take a damn pill to tolerate a ■■■■ job and a ■■■■ spouse.

actually, my job was so stressful I needed a pill.

I talked to social security today. I had a psychosis last year, I thought triggered by stress. Social security asked me why, and I said well, I work in information technology, and the hospital hired me to support the laboratories. Me and another woman were to support 500,000+ lab orders per year, do the math on that one…

I recall I looked at that and thought, how the hell am I going to do that, 500,000 lab orders per year…

shortly thereafter, the psychosis started up again…

wtf. that was it’s like to work in information techology these days. doesn’t matter what your paid. I thought this job was beneath my skillset quite honestly, an easier job with less stress. what was I thinking. I was even expected to work 3rd shift one day per week. Not weekly, but work first shift, but oh yea, come in 3rd shift wednesday next week.

My brain shorted out. psychosis. this is awful.

Yikes! 500,000 orders between 2 people…5,208 per week if you work every single week of the year, and if its a 5 day a week job, 1,041.66666666… per day, each of you

Yup, i did do the math! And those. 666s are there too!

Right, like how do you do such a thing unless computers do the brunt of the work for you…
that would stress anyone out. just thinking of it.

thank you for saying that, I was freaked at the time, and in computing that same equation and coming up with similar result, I had an episode.

I told social security that today, hope that they do not deny my benefits. seems somewhat normal to me when its put that way.

well, it seems normal, if you knew I had Sz (which even I didn’t realize it at the time…) that I’d have an psychotic episode given such a circumstance. The other lady I was working with didn’t seem psychotic, just stressed out of her mind, could hardly stand her.

it’s the way computer work is done these days, unreasonable workload and deadlines.

132 orders per hour for an 8 hour shift, or over 2 every minute, nonstop. the sheer repetition alone would drive me nuts! You would have to be almost robotic to keep up.

from experience I can say about SSDI/SSI, if you are under 50 it’s hardest to get, and especially if you have worked jobs before.
People younger who get it approved usually have never worked or have extreme cases of Sz and many hospitalizations, requiring care providers and such.
Over 50 places you in a better category.
This doesn’t mean you won’t get it at all, it means most likely they will deny it at the application level, and you will have to appeal. that can take about a year or a little longer. they may even deny the appeal and then there’s another appeal process beyond that, which i guess takes another year. So the whole process can take 2 years or more if there are factors against you.

I’m saying that from experience…I know 2 people who got it at a young age but had never worked. And 2 people, myself included that were denied at the application level, and I was even denied at first appeal because my original claim I submitted when i was under 50…
the disability lawyers also told me these are some of the reasons for denials, along with lack of convincing medical reports.

I hope you get the benefits…just trying to put out there in case you don’t, the most likely reasons why. Personally i don’t think it’s fair if someone has worked before it’s harder to get than if you never worked at all.

But each case is also different and it also depends on what person is determining the claim.

I have heard this beore as well about social security disability, I’ve been hospitalizd 4 times in the past 2 years. involuntarily. I get better, like I am now, goback to work, then bam, the light switch turns on and I’n psychotic.

The hospitalizations should go in your favor. Depends what the vocational expert at the hearing says if it goes to an appeals hearing. They will determine if you can work any full time job in the national economy. That’s a tough call… Again, depends on the individual doing the decision making.