Background checks/security clearance and Sz/SzA

My job requires that I pass a really, really thorough background check every couple of years. Somehow I passed the initial check, and survived one renewal, but I’m always terrified that my SzA will come up and I’ll be let go.

Last time they asked if I was undergoing therapy for anything and I said yes, but I said it was for grief counseling (my fiancee had passed away recently.) I also was required to list all my prescriptions, and I included the Risperdal and Paroxetine. But I passed the check. They did NOT ask if I had any particular diagnosis.

I’ve been free of psychosis for many years now, though I still have bouts of depression. What should I do if my diagnosis comes up?

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I would just keep on keeping on. You’ve been honest and they’ve not worried.

I’d suspect most wouldn’t know what risperdal was used for but they’d know cocaine!

Worry about things beforehand is just stress and that isn’t good for anything. Cultivate peace and don’t worry. It isn’t easy with a paranoid mind but it’s worth it!


I am not sure where you live, but I was protected by law in that it’s my choice whether to disclose my illness to my employer.

Schizophrenia falls under the disability and equality act in the UK, and if they discriminate against you their ■■■■■■■

Check out the legislation in your country

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I have passed background checks and have an interim Secret Security clearance. I don’t think my diagnosis came up in background checks but it did with the security clearance. I gave them access to my health records. They know everything.


It’s not actually a government clearance, but a corporate one, though there are Department of Homeland Security requirements. I’m also a contractor, rather than a ‘real’ employee, so they can let me go for just about anything they want. They’re really short of personnel right now, so I’m good for the time being. I just worry about my long term job prospects…

Guess I’ll have to do like @rogueone says and just keep on keeping on.

I had to pass a background check and health screenings to adopt my son. They just needed a letter from my therapist saying I was fit to adopt. They knew about my sz

I don’t know where you live or what job you have, but in most places in USA there are laws protecting against discrimination based on disabilities.
I work in education and I have told a few people at work about my sz, but I don’t make it generally known because I don’t want anyone to worry. They can’t fire me based on the sz though, that would be against the law. They might make up another reason though, and that’s one reason to make sure there’s no other basis for them firing me…

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