How does cannabis cause psychosis?

Do we know how exactly cannabis causes psychosis?

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Pcp imitates sz symptoms more closely. Cannabis might make sz worse by elevating dopamine, probably in the mesolimbic pathway, of course no one knows if dopamine is really a cause of sz for sure. But they have a hunch. Cannabis use causes a dopamine high, that’s what people find pleasurable/reinforcing about it.

High dopamine causes positive symptoms of SZ… and less number of grey matter causes Negative symtoms…!!

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But what explains the long term side-effects of a cannabis bad trip? My psychosis/symptoms is/are 100% cannabis induced.


I was wrong in my previous post, I don’t think it’s dopamine necessarily.

You may just have a unique constitution where cannabis triggered the disease earlier than it would naturally have occurred in you.

Or perhaps you would never have gone on to develop it at all.

Some people have a genetic variant that causes cannabis to make people paranoid and psychotic. It is called the AKT1 gene.

Here is a link about it:

If you have this genetic variant then cannabis will causes psychosis whether you are schizophrenic or not.


the feelings you get when you smoke weed are similar to the feelings you get when you’re psychotic. Paranoia, not in touch with reality, time passes differently, things look, feel and sound different, can’t think straight, memory problems. at least that’s how it is for me. The two states are just too close together to be safe for a lot of people.


Couldnt have explained it better myself. These are the exact reasons i quit smoking it.

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Do u know what receptors Cannabis targets? Dopamine, Serotonine, …?

no, I don’t know. I’m sorry. I tried googling it and a bunch of stuff came up that was way over my head. I tried sifting through it but I was having difficulty concentrating on it. I know there are others on here that would know, I’ve heard them talking about receptors and whatnot before. Maybe you could start a thread and ask the question and the true experts would let themselves be known.

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Isnt long term cannabis usage known to cause dysfunction in the white and/or gray matter in the brain? I know it definitely can cause dysfunction/abnormalities in the white matter but not entirely sure about gray matter.

I only ever did cannabis once. It was space cake.

CB1 is one of them.

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