Genetic predisposition to schizophrenia may increase risk of psychosis from cannabis use


Some people are OK with smoking it forever. Other people are not. If you have a close schizophrenic relative you probably shouldn’t try it.

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What is the scientific feasibility of researching for a genetic causes or others that lead to an increased risk of occurrence (developing) the sz conscious condition ,while there is no clear understanding that determines beyond any doubt the essential nature of the sz as it as in itself?
(As it as be felt by the person and coexists with it most time of wakefulness )

In reality,there is no study /research of human beings that can reach to know /discover the creation cause that created and foundation the sz conscious health condition in the conscious state of the human being and making it a natural part of his psychological self through force (complusion ),despite all the means of self-protections,immune system and current medication !

What is the current antipsychotic who can cut off the union between the human psychological self and the conscious parasitical part (hallucination) that was associated with it -that is in order to achieve the final recovery from sz condition and all its symptoms ?

OR; how to separate the human self of the person About the parasitical self (which you name it hallucination or/ psychosis or psychotic experiences ) ?