How do you justify eating animal products when they feel pain

I’m seriously curious, as someone who is considering going omnivore

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I can’t eat red meat because all your tasting is animals blood. I was a vegetarian for one year. I would be a lacto vegetarian but my life is hard enough without having to watch strictly what I eat

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oh I love bacon , pork and beef, chicken too…we were made to eat animals.


Its harder to understand in modern economy with such variety of food, so to have that question is a lot of privilege. If you lived in prior circumstances you would probably be cleaning and killing some animals for food daily

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True but that doesn’t make it right. We can choose to live perfectly healthy without meat

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I was thinking just now, if I can’t eat some moderate levels of animal, then I can’t even function optimally to look after the remaining animals. Idk. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They are killed instantly so there is no pain.

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I really hope, that is always the case.

Not sure about fish for example, they are hooked or netted, and gulping for air in the fishing boat.

Imagine, the animals can communicate and fish are somehow aware of what may happen to them. For instance.

Plants also feel pain. They just don’t express it in a way that elicits an empathetic response from humans.


They’re going to feel pain no matter what. To exist is to suffer, at least infrequently.

They are also tasty.


That is true. Not sure either about marine life.

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I understand. But I’d rather not be the cause of someone’s pain, unless I really need that food, yea.

And that’s interesting @Ninjastar

Just want to say thank you for helping me with this

I feel like I might be missing out on an important food group, going from the way I feel.

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For the greater good I suppose. If someone is sick or something eating meat is a good thing and can preserve their life or enhance their health to allow them to go on to do greater good even for animals and all humans.

But that being said the way we enjoy meat today is quiet savage if I’m being honest. Like killing animals just because we like the taste is straight up wrong.

I’m a hypocrite basically with my meat consumption. I believe there should be profound respect for the animal and that it should be seen as a sacrifice for something greater. Not just so we can make a double down extra crispy burger with bacon and cheese.


Yea, I feel like there’s stuff in animal product that u can’t find elsewhere in nature.

Like b12.

Some other stuff too.

If you have the budget for it, you can buy local meat from small local farms and butchers. It will be more expensive, but you will be able to meet the people raising the animals, and see that they are being treated kindly and killed humanely.

If you don’t have the budget for it, that is totally understandable. But if you do, that might help your anxieties.


Got to be honest, I could do with some boiled eggs atm.

I went vegetarian for over a year, my health deteriorated, it improved when I eat meat again.

There’s nothing wrong with eating meat as long as we do what we can to be humane about animals wellfare.

Some animals have to eat meat to survive, their stomach can’t digest plantfood. Humans can eat a lot of things, I guess it’s a evolutionary trait to increase our chance of survival. But cutting out meat alltogether is not healthy for all, depending on genes.


Boil em up and dig in

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