If I’m not vegan


I know it’s weird but I believe if I’m not vegan animals will eat me :frowning:
I’m vegan for the animals but that part bothers me; I never want to go through what these animals go through.


After my surgery last year,every doctor told me to eat red meat,because my iron and other blood things were low.I started to eat on force.Was vegetarian.


Eat meat. Veganism is a fad. Be like the tiger and get some meat in you.



I feel it’s guilt maybe? I feel its almost become almost like religion where certain people guilt people into their way of life. You can remove my comment if it’s in appropriate but I’m not sure.


I guess people are vegetarians for different reasons. I simply was born into that way of life. It’s not unhealthy not to eat meat … All my ancestors for 100s of years have been veggie


I feel like if I eat meat something bad will happen to me.
I suppose I’m just paranoid animals will come after me >_>


I was vegan for 6 years. I love animals. I consider them friends.


I’ve never gone full vegan but i was a vegetarian for a few years back when i was younger. I’m not a big meat eater even now.


So I’m not weird for thinking animals want to eat me? :smile:


I think it’s called “magical thinking”. Like I used to feel someone would get hurt if I did something like taking a shower.

Magical thinking is defined as believing that one event happens as a result of another without a plausible link of causation. For example: “I got up on the left side of the bed today; therefore it will rain.”

Animals won’t eat you if you eat meat.


Animals won’t eat you @schizomaticly :smile:
Yeah it’s irrational.


you probably would taste really bad anyway :joy: sorry i’m jk,

but seriously, its not like you’d be eating something that can hunt etc, most meats are from animals that eat grass or grain anyway.


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