How do u all motivate to keep ur living environment clean?

I need to get a powerless vacuum for my carpet since theres hay and fur everywhere. And i need to start being organized and clean more regularly. But its easier said then done and a lot of times i leave my room as is until it desperately needs cleaning. But i bet a clean living space helps depression so i want to try and motivate myself more to clean. How do u all help yourselves keep a clean living environment.


My environment was a mess even before I got sick, now it is even worse… :slight_smile:


I shower and clean my room regularly, but I don’t brush my teeth a lot. Brushing teeth is probably the most important because it’s part of your body. I just find it annoying and hard. I hate it.

As for the room, yes, it improves my mood. I read in a book once that smelling good is connected to your limbic system. Having positive memories of good smells can relieve depression and anxiety when the times get tough.

My room gets super dirty and then clean often. The trick to motivating yourself is breaking it up into smaller tasks. I enjoy listening to music or having my kickstart (energy drink). I get really embarrassed if my room is dirty. Plus, having a clean room is a sign that you’re emotionally well. It’s also another reason not to kick someone out of the house. Show that you are a contributing member to the tribe lol!!! It’s another reason not to worry about oneself; stratch it off your list.

I like being organized and clean. And in case anyone is wondering, I have good genetics when it comes to teeth so far. I just got back from a cleaning not to long ago.

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I usually try to keep things clean and organized, but what I say is organized is not always anything my girlfriend can stand. But that applies more to the past when I had a lot more stuff. I had to sell almost all of it when i moved to my new house in January of last year. Now I have just a few things, mostly clothes and a few bits of guitar equipment.
Even if I decided to stop cleaning, my girlfriend wouldn’t allow it. We always do the dishes right away (nothing allowed in the sink) and I have to sweep and sometimes Swifter the house every few days. She makes me straighten out stuff if it looks messed up. Helps keep me busy and I think having a clean environment helps me feel better.

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