Motivation tricks?

Does anyone have any tricks that you use to motivate yourselves to clean your house and cook. I’m a stay at home mom to a 13 year old and our house is always a mess. I find it hard to get started and stay on task. I wasn’t always like this. I thought maybe it was a medication thing or apart of my illness but my mom says I just gotta quit being lazy.

Just try to do 1 productive thing a day.

They all soon start to add up.


YouTube motivational guides

Write a simple to do list.

Such as brush our teeth.
Brush our hair.
Have breakfast.
Go for a walk.
Have lunch.
Clean kitchen.
Have coffee.
Clean bathroom.
Read a few pages.
Have dinner.
Ask daughter about her day and have good time with her.
Help daughter with homework.

I find motivation to clean when I cook, since I have to be in the kitchen to watch the food I might as well do something, so I do kitchen chores like cleaning kitchen from the day before, or do laundry. (I have laundry room connected with kitchen)

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