How do you get by being bored everyday

Games tv exercise going out and I’m still bored what is it I’m going through

My mind keeps me entertained :smile:

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What voices or thoughts I have ton of both but the voices are so dull they don’t say anything I’m the one who puts words in their mouth I can’t help it so it’s just you know exactly yeah but you’re talking close the book your straight over and over like sas torture

I don’t know, same here. I beat the game I was interested in last week on my phone, now I got nothing to do when i’m off work.

Its too much effort to pick up a TV series, cause I have to force myself to pay attention.

One of the only things I do to kill time, is drive around my car around town, but even that is getting dull.

At the end of the day, if I’m not working, i’m not doing nothing.


thoughts for me. I get super excited about things, get pumped up like I found the cure for cancer! then I get depressive/negative thoughts. I don’t hear voices. I’m schizoaffective not schizophrenic So the mania is really what gets me going. Idk I could pace around all day and keep myself occupied. I used to talk to myself pre meds. I sure was occupied back then.

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I used to drive until the agoraphobia set in. Now I play video games 24/7 when I’m awake. Reading can be nice. And these forums of course lol

I have so much energy these days during the day, especially after coffee, it’s ridiculous and I can talk for hours. Idk I don’t get bored. I go for hikes too

That’s sick lucky you don’t have voices I done the 3 peaks challenge in Wales England Scotland when I was 14 and I was fat but I was fit I started running at 12 everyday I just love my food

Great question. My boredom is more often the result of avoiding or procrastinating my responsibilities, while at the same time feeling too guilty to indulge in recreation … ahh the inner conflict of ADHD. I’m not bored while posting and reading on here though! Though generally I turn to music production/mixing to zone “in”.

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I’ve heard them before but never on meds

Im bored too especially without a social life

Sometimes it gets to me, sometimes I’m OK with it.

I get like that sometimes. I wonder if it is hormonal.

I get home at 4:30 and lie in bed until 8:00 am and go to school. I have learned to live with boredom and I have no one to blame but myself.

Junk, yes junk, I look online for free stuff, fix it, sort it, sell it, slight advantage I’ve been in the business for years, always something comes a long that sparks my interest. Just have to accept to move it along, sell it, recycle it, or to the dump, it can pile up real fast. Is a lot of fun though.

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If I could afford petrol it would be driving my car even though it’s old it can still be fun to drive sometimes it’s 4 wheel drive and makes 280hp and has a sound system. Now I just wank dream of working and study online encyclopedias.

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Usually I watch movies, play video games, read the newspaper, and like Lexicon mentioned, I read this forum and sometimes post.

That’s not a word in my vocabulary, there’s just too much to do, and not enough time to do it.
I could be entertained sitting on the floor in the hallway scraping off old paint chunks, thanks to a vivid imagination and unfortunately, too good of a memory.

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