How do you deal with the voices

I feel as if I have tried every angle to calm my angry voices, how do you handle it? Ignoring it does not seem to work nor believing or agreeing,

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I’ve been on latuda, zyprexa, haldol, seroquel, and risperadol I always find my way to stop taking them and the voices are not gone there just a little “nicer” from time to time, with my job the added sedidation, is not great either

" i tell them to be quiet ! " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
take care :alien:

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I would ask them if they would give me some peace and they would some times agree. Most of the time I’d just let them float like the wind

I would never stop trying to ignore them. Just let it be background noise. Took me a couple years but that’s all they are now. Couldn’t interact or listen if I wanted to. On a subconscious level I know it’s a bad idea.

I take meds and deal with milder voices than they used to be. I stay mentally occupied. I’m doing research for a thesis in psychotherapy, ironically. It is good to have a project that consumes lots of thought. I smoke cigarettes to cope. I also just remind myself that a lot of what I experience is not real and that I have chronic schizophrenia.

I am a utilitarian. I have goals which mean the most good for the most people, and I don’t let anything ■■■■ my means to my end up. Voices are gonna have to get a lot worse to stop me. It’s all just ■■■■■■■■. Don’t think about it.

My grandfather said that if you think about ■■■■, you become ■■■■.