For those with voices, how do maintenance doses work?

Currently I’m on 4mg of risperidone and I rarely hear things. At my last visit with my pdoc, he said he thinks we could eventually lower it to 2mg. I’m wondering now what he meant. I will ask him next time I see him but I thought I’d ask you if any of you have a similar situation.

My thinking is, if I’m hearing occasionally now, then when I lower it I will be hearing voices again. Right? Unless he thinks my symptoms might be episodic possibly. Don’t some people just constantly hear voices and it’s not an episode to episode thing?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this. I will ask him when I see him in a month.

I hear voices every day. I’m on 25 mg Abilify and 300 mg Seroquel. Meds don’t always make voices go away.

I don’t think I have a constant episode going on. I get delusions and paranoia when I get an episode. And voices of course.

The lower dose of medication is good if you don’t get delusional again. Only way to know is to try.

If your happy with your current dose you could just tell him you wanna stay on it. since your hearing voice sometimes on that dose i think it would get worse if you where to lower it.
Just my opinion your going to have to work it out with your doctor.

I only have ‘inner’ voices but mine went down and my risperidone was lowered and the voices stayed low. I went from 2mg to 1 mg. Meds are a funny thing. I actually was much more psychotic and had inner voices at 2mg. I even had 2 episodes and had to be hospitalized at 2mg but now I am on 1mg with much less symptoms. Personally, I want to be on the lowest dose I can be. My Rx says to take an extra mg if I need to and I have done that a couple times for paranoia. Maybe you could do that too. Have a Rx for 2 to 3mg as needed or something.

I’m on 600mg of Clozapine, 400mg of Solian & 10mg of Abilify and I am feeling OK so far… I still hear some voices throughout the day but it’s not annoying me as much, which is gooooood… It has been over a year since I’ve had a medication change/upgrade and now I am seeing why it is important to change doses and meds every now and then…

i arm on 3 different antipsychotics
And have been in treatment the last 25 years
I heard voices most of the time for many years.
But the last 3 years the voices got more and more silent and
Last year I finally got rid of the voices.


I hear voices even though on 50 mg shot of haldol. My np wants to up my dosage. But I hear voices everyday. Not episodic. I would stay on dose your on unless you have too many side effects.

My voices started two years ago when I had an adverse reaction to Topamax. It made me paranoid and psychotic. The good thing is it helped with my depersonalization, derealization, weight loss, and migraines. I don’t know what’s worse. I’m left with mild paranoia and voices. But things look and feel real if that makes sense. My voices are silent, they don’t make noise. I can tell because I used to have hypogogic hallucinations falling asleep and I heard noise. Basically, my voices are like intrusive thoughts. My thoughts/conscience torments me a bit. My doc said voices don’t have to make noise. Basically, it’s like I’m talking to someone else in my head like in second person. They try to help me out sometimes.

I hear voices everyday, and I am on latuda 160mgs and Haldol 30 mgs a day. they tried to put me on a lower dose when I was on invega they thought the invega was doing more harm than good so they lowered the dose it was terrible for me emotionally.

Glad latuda is working for you. I thought my doc was giving me a placebo because it didn’t work.

that’s what I thought this one doctor was doing to me. he had me on a very low dose of risperidal and celexa and they weren’t working at all. I was nearly hospitalized when I heard the mac and cheese crying like a baby.

I hear voices 90% of my waking day mostly harassing me and taunting me. We’re in a battle of who wins who loses and I think I win if I can recover. Sometimes they are somewhat nice but most of the time they are just enemies I am going to war with. The reward for winning or punishment for losing seemingly will be handed out to me when I die in the afterlife but I am going to try to live as long as I can.