Am I some hideous creature?

He said that he didn’t want to look at me. He was talking about people shouldn’t have faces and bodies. He made me feel like some horrible hideous creature. What is wrong with me? Why can’t people have faces and bodies? I’ve spent all day crying.

You look beautiful to me! Maybe he was jealous.


Statements like that typically come from a deeper frustration.

Dry your tears, sounds like someone was being a douche.

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You’re not ugly. The illness can make people say inaccurate things.


I don’t understand. He used to think differently. Now I’m revolting and he is too. I can’t even describe how I feel :cry:
I’m sorry that I come cry to you all but I have no one else who can understand what I’m going through.

You’re cute and I bet you’re not a bad person. I assume you’re talking about voices. From what I hear when I read other peoples problems with voices, I know that the voices tell people stuff that is not true. You’re obviously not a hideous creature.

He doesn’t tell me if he hears voices. He just says these things to me.

Oh, so it’s another person telling you these things.I thought you were hearing voices.
What he’s saying is obviously not true. He’s just trying to hurt you and make you feel bad. Maybe it’s his way of controlling you or making him feel better about himself.

Some times sz can be so stressful that it sets up a self destructive phase. You lash out at the things you value most because deep down you just want to throw it all away. Then you would know just how bad it can be. Typically though it is just a phase and the damage done just leads to a lot of regret.

Be hopeful and supportive, if it becomes a trend though… Well you got to take care of yourself first. You don’t have to keep taking ■■■■. Sometimes it might be better to be alone than be in a relationship that is poisoning your life.


It started with him talking about himself like that. I always tried to reassure him that it wasn’t true. Now he is including me in it.

Omg I hate this disease! All I want is him back.

Before the onset… I’m sure he did.

I know it doesn’t help… but this one is something you really can’t take personally

The whole thing about not liking faces or bodies… wanting to be pure spirits… with no flesh need… I don’t talk about those times much… that was ugly and dark and I was young and crumbling.

But it’s not you… it’s the illness…

Good luck, I’m rooting for you. I hope your boyfriend can get some help soon.

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I don’t understand. What is wrong with faces and bodies? It’s part of who we are.

There is nothing wrong with it or you.

This is all stemming from irrationality and perhaps someone’s self image issues.

I wouldn’t give it the credit of your time.

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Omg I think I need a therapist too. He’s making me feel like I’m losing my mind along with him. The past two weeks have been so horrible.

He is clearly delusional. If he won’t get on meds or see a psychiatrist you should leave…I know that sounds easy for me to stay, but he is damaging you so much that I think you should consider leaving, or better yet…making him leave.

Schizophrenia changes people, he may never be that person you fell in love with again.

He had it when I met him but he wasn’t like this. He was the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met. I watched him deteriorate some our first year after he started working. Luckily he was laid off and he got better. When they called him back, I worried. Sure enough it started again until he completely flipped out 8 months ago. This has been way worse than anything before. Like he completely disappeared. They’ve demoted him at work. He is going down and down.

I wouldn’t take it to heart. It was his illness talking. You need to keep your defenses up. Some time when he is more lucid tell him you don’t like it when he says such things.

He doesn’t remember everything so he thinks I’m lying, so it stresses him which I don’t want to do.

I can’t answer without maybe saying negative things about the man you love. He is lucky to have you.
I had my siblings and parents when I was really sick.Your boyfriend has you. I wish he could understand how lucky he is to have someone who cares about him as much as you do and start treating you better.

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