How do you cope with social anxiety, when meeting family and friends at Christmas parties


Im anxious about Christmas, how do you deal with social anxiety when I have to meet extended family and in laws at Christmas.


Merry Christmas! I have agoraphobia and when I feel anxious about a family gathering I stick to those who I feel most comfortable with and let the rest of the group come to me if they want to visit? good luck.


Yes for some reason I am not looking forward to being in front of a large number of family members this year.
I mean I am not the type of person who likes to socialize with a bunch of people.
I never look forward to seeing my sister in law - and now I am upset with my 2 Aunts - I think that I will choose who I sit next to carefully this year.
My anxiety is more of an issue this year - too many med changes


Remember to breathe - Most anxiety remedies deal with the breathing technique. Just breathe in slowly for a few seconds. Hold for a few seconds and release slowly for a few seconds and repeat until you feel comfortable.

Be mindful around the holidays. If you need some space just excuse yourself and go for a walk or find a place you feel comfortable and relax. From personal experience try not to make too much of it. As unless others you know have had anxiety or panic attacks they most likely won’t understand. But it’s your holiday too so best to avoid the drama.

See if this helps as well

I hope I’ve helped and I hope you have a great time.


Good luck @karl,your a kind person I believe God will not treat you too badly,at least from now on,okay??


I’ve been lucky the past two years… I’m the small errand person.

Large family gathering… If it gets too much… my family will send me to go pick up Aunt whichever… an ice run… I’ll do it. Ran out of salt and need a quick store run? I’ll do it…

I usually take family in 10 minute spurts with quiet small drives in between. It really helped me.


I avoid large family gatherings for the moment. It’s just me, my parents and littlebrother for Christmas this year. I think it’s important to listen to yourself and just be honest - if it’s too much, it’s too much, pressuring yourself could just make your anxiety worse.


I do not have that problem, because I’ll spend my Christmas alone as usual, which is just ok. I’ll eat well and enjoy excellent chocolates. I have not been invited to any Christmas parties in over 15 years, which is ok too.


wish i did …there are to many of them to have to put up with to injoy it all. the best is for me to only stay for a hafe a hour at each home then head for the hide out…and the phone eeeeeck. stressers.


I have anxiety about XMas too. Getting together with my in-laws makes me uncomfortable. They are highly religious - I am not. I am an avowed atheist. With all the Jesus this and Jesus that, it makes me twitch. This Christmas is going to suck. I hope we get out of this housing mess we are in soon.


Step outside for a cigarette.


I don’t talk much to adults its special time for me I get to see my neice and nephew theyre so funny we kind of ignore everyone else .


what you can do is ask questions you get to keep yourself to yourself and learn all about them sneaky but it works and people love talking about themselves.


That’s my way out, groceries, smokes, a ride, sweets (we usually eat sweets after dinner) im always the man for those. when im around i tend to focus with those i am most comfortable with and try to make gestures with other people talking and leading conversations, i used to feel so stressed but by the days im getting used to it.