Christmas offer

Been here over 20 years and this is the first time my sister has invited me to hers. In two minds about it. Sis is ok though we are not particularly close ,but her husband is the typical British public school type that caused me distress when I was younger. He looks down on both my brother and I.

I am not good going away from home and to add to the doubts her brother in law and his wife may also be turning up for Christmas lunch. That’s set my social anxiety alarm bells off.

I am very conscious of embarrassing myself. If it was just sister and nieces would be ok but her husband wouldn’t hesitate to pick up on any faux pas.


My wife just bought a Christmas Tree and I’m going to decorate it with my Christmas Ornaments!!

Oh dear! I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. What I meant to say was…

I’m going to dangle my balls all over my wife’s Festive Bush!

(Phew! That was better!) :wink:


You gotta go with your gut @firemonkey. If you feel it will cause you too much stress I would give it a miss.

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Hilarious as usual @Patrick. :joy:

Good point. I just wish I wasn’t so self conscious, and was secure in a “Take me as you find me” way

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Maybe you should take a little time to decide. Thankfully Christmas is still a month away.

Maybe your sister is realizing how important family can be. Good luck on whatever decision you make.

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Are they making Beef Wellington? If so, go! I always wanted to eat one of those but we don’t make them in the US.

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I think they have something like capon or goose rather than turkey. I have never tried Beef Wellington.

@Patrick you just made me laugh so hard!

@firemonkey Christmas is such a stressful time of year, if only because we feel forced to spend time with people who make us uncomfortable.

We try to avoid Christmas with family whenever possible. But it doesn’t work. We end up having to see people before Christmas and having a whole bunch of mini Christmas do’s. It’s just the actual day we get to chill out and do nothing together.

I like Christmas shopping (online, I hate being at the shops this time of year), and I like having a Christmas tree (although tiggy keeps trying to eat it so we had to put it away). But I really don’t like Christmas.

It’s so hard deciding. I don’t want her to feel I’m snubbing her,as she means well, but the thought of having to socialise possibly with two complete strangers, ie her brother and law and his wife, is very daunting.

It doesn’t help that within the social anxiety a whole heap of self stigma is probably going on. A large part of me thinks “Tim, you’re a freak,social misfit”,call it what you will, and that other people can pick up on it.

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Your name is Tim! I love that name.

Here’s something else my grandmother made out of a bleach jug


It obviously runs in the family :heart_eyes_cat:

I have a bunch of tiny glass jars that held spices. I was looking at them today and trying to imagine what I would use them for if I were you.

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dude, I think turtle got a thing for you… :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

I agree that the latter revision is less offensive, as the word Christmas was not used and so you avoided a lot of religious drama :slight_smile:

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Had to get new bulbs for the tree on strand burnt out
So now I got white skulls multi color and green on the tree

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And a white and gold star on top

My wind sock outside the front door