Holiday family gathering looming in my future

Anyone else terrified about an up and coming family gathering? its one of my triggers and I’m scared of the hallucinations and mental programs that will be running. And I’m scared to smoke around them so I can’t do my usual breaks from so many people. Don’t want to have this snowball and roll me into the hospital

I understand your fears, you have to maintain control of your life and that is hard to do. Talk to your therapist about it if you can, if not just hold on, if you are on medication nothing really bad can happen.

It will probably be difficult, but hey, this is what real life is made of, things that are out of your comfort zone and comfy situations alltogether.

Also, you can make yourself excused for a few hours if you think something bad is coming along, just ignore the comments, pick someone from the family who can relate or at least understand your disposition and plan along with them you “escape” if needed, stay focused on one objective: your own wellbeing.

Good luck and maybe tell us how it went, huh? :smiley:



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I don’t know if this will help or not. Maybe get some suckers/lollipops so that you have something to do with your hands and pay attention to, kind of like smoking. If anyone asks why you have them you could say that you are trying to cut down on smoking and you were told this helps. I have known people that did this to cut down on smoking so it is a legit reason. Good luck.


I’m kind of nervous about our family gathering during Christmas Eve. I have an escape plan - which is my room. My dog is there, so I’ll spend some time with him for comfort. My Aunt is going to be there and some family members get it pretty much. You don’t have to be in the middle of things if you don’t want to be. Try to find a peaceful sanctuary of your own, like a tranquil room away from the group. I hope you have a peaceful Holiday season.


Last year was the first year I was up for anything other then staying in my room and locking the door. The sis and I went to parents house for a very quiet breakfast with just the immediate family before all the uncles and aunts and army of cousins came by.

We popped in for 15-20 minutes after that, later in the afternoon. My sis and I are also the ones who will run the errands… “Oh, Uncle number 1 needs a ride home? we’ll do it. We’re out of ice? We’ll go get it. Ran out of sugar? We’ll run home and get some.” That really helped. I could get away from them, and still be there too. No hard feelings about leaving and coming back.

It’s the same plan for this year. My Mom said she has some “planned breaks” for me. Little things to get me out of the crowd for a break but not make a big deal of it. Maybe you could talk to the host and let them know your not up for big crowds so if you leave and come back, they won’t get offended.


YES! I get anxiety but you don’t have to be the life and sole of the party or anything.
I always am glad I went afterwards and have a great time and im sure u will too tc

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luckily i never have to do them , i have to cross the river Hades, it is big issue, my mother resides on the other side !
take care

I’m so glad to find people share my hate to family gatherings…I try my best to convince my family that I’m sick and I don’t feel well, and that I have to rest at home in my room, it doesn’t always work, and I end up going anyway…they’re boring, stressing and meaningless…but I use them so I don’t have to go on house visits to family members during the year.

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