How do you cope with schizophrenia?

Hi, I sometimes hear intuitions of people’s thoughts when I am unwell. Clearly unreal but the feeling is convincing. To manage this I confide in my parents who are ever patient and well into retirement now! This means they listen and support me by saying why these crazy thoughts are untrue. Alternatively, I walk around the park and think matters through, talking myself out of it. Finally I sometimes go to bed early in the warm and read until I feel normal again. What do you do to find reality again?


I don’t find reality again for a while. I live in a paranoid universe. I spend a lot of time brooding. Eventually, it wears itself out.

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I don’ t do anything different, because I’m not sure what it looks like, so all I can do is wait until reality finds me.

It’s pretty tough for me. People trigger my “telepathic” messages. In most situation you kind of locked in for a couple hours.

I rarely have control of it or am able to shut it off. I get paranoid about something and it starts this dialogue with a part of my brain.

It’s pretty ■■■■■■ and realistic, but they all assure me it’s not real.

Spending time alone is the only thing I can do to get perspective.

Try to avoid letting myself fall into paranoia. If I keep my head clear and moving forward I tend to do better.

It’s when I think they can read my mind, I end up saying(in my head) weird impulsive ■■■■ and it’s just feels terrible. Sometimes it becomes an obsessive response.

The experience is pretty terrible, but most of the time i just focus on keeping up with reality. This doesn’t make the symptoms go away but it makes me feel like I’m not crazy on the surface and I’m still a capable person.

Confidence goes a long way.

Sorry your having symptoms. I’d see a doc before anything gets worse.

Thanks! You are right to guess I’m suffering at the moment though happily I have returned to normality having spoken to my Dad. I suppose I should mention it to my mental health team but I hate feeling whacked out on drugs so sometimes intermittent paranoia is preferable…

Yeah I used to be on a dose that was to high. Was terrible, I couldn’t think at all. Still got some quirks but I think I’m getting over it.

Just make sure to don’t fall into full blown psychosis. That takes a long time to recover.

Thanks Bryan, will do. I think it’s just passing but should tomorrow be the same my Dr will hear about it on Thursday… an appointment I have waited a couple of months for…

Good your already in the system. My psychosis started out similarly. Be careful, but don’t worry to much. Things to combat are stress and obsessions.

I wake up, brush my teeth and then hit the bottle.

Wait, no I don’t do that anymore. I just take my medications, do what I am supposed to do when I am supposed to do it, and everything comes out alright.

I also listen to music and smoke cigarettes. Dark music. And I stay busy- boredom makes me want to sleep or it makes me anxious. Either is less desirable to functioning. I had to take the summer off because my doc recommended it, by the end of it I was so bored and doing really stupid things that were the result of having too much free time.

Like today, I went and bought a suit for a family reunion thingy and studied for the GRE with a friend, was running errands like to the store and lunch and dropped by my grandparents place.

I just get home and don’t know what to do, that is why I get on here. It’s 925pm and I don’t have class till 1130 tomorrow so I am on the Internet.

The Internet. Ugh.

But really, I stay busy, focus on school most of the time, and I also smoke cigarettes, they help me cope.

Cope. Pope. Soap. Tope. Rope. Dope. Nope. Mope. Hope. Chicken stew. Brain stew. Fun

I sometimes entertain myself with my stream of consciousness. It gets pretty bad.

Mindfulness meditation and or breathing exercises to help with the anxiety of hearing voices when I go out.

Other than that if I’m not out or with friends I compile play lists to listen to whilst reading online or gaming and of course watching films!


i found inner peace, im at one with myself, no syptoms the past 3 year


Hi Pedro,
Wow… you lucky thing. Are you still on medication? What changed for you… was it a process or did it just happen?


yes still on meds. it took 10 years of suffering on and off, but since 2011 ive found my way in life, im not lost anymore, i get bursts of bliss, which is a bonus, ive studied the in’s and out’s of mental illness and im fascinated by it.

i faced all my fears and worries and defeated them from the inside, i suffer no more


Ok I practice a few things: quieting mind, mindfulness, breath and chakra, praying and mantras, and reality checks, ground myself, creative perception and visualization, draw diagrams and dimensional objects, repeat words or prayers when stressed, practice word and number games, fact check, research, depend on friends and family.

:slight_smile: i put bad feelings where they belong in the rubbish bin:)

When I come out of paranoia I just feel such relief