How do you all?

How do you all handle being agitated and feeling like you’re one step away from something bad? I wanna just break down and start throwing punches at things. But I know I can’t. So I won’t. I just handle all of my family’s negative stuff like a peer support while dealing with a head stuffed full of bad thoughts. I just got back from therapy and meet my case manager today. I’m doing all I’m supposed to. Groups all week, peer support, case management, therapy, taking my meds, etc. So why do I feel like exploding?

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Have you asked your psychiatrist for a PRN for when you feel like this?

Or do you feel like this all the time?

Do you get to do DBT (dialectical Behavior therapy)? It can really help with that

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It seems a little strange you doing so much outside things while I’m having interviews over the phone.

Strange how? 151515

I haven’t done dbt really. I can ask my therapist though.

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I have not asked for a prn. I’m already on a lot of meds.

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That’s good you’ll ask. I know people who swear it was life changing for them. It helps with emotion regulation

Because the virus is still a problem.

I did try it for a bit and have the book around here somewhere. I’ll brush up on it. Just remembered. Lol. I need help naming emotions. All I know are the big ones.

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That is true. We just social distance and wear masks. But everything here is back to in person.

I ask my best friend for help and he always helps me

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An actual program with therapists/social workers help best. See if you can get that kind of help

I get it myself. I have an individual therapist who I see once per week individually and one weekly visit per week with the group. Plus I get 24/7 crisis line with the DBT therapists who work on the program. I can call whoever is on the schedule for that night and they’ll help me figure out the best skills to use for the situation

Wow that’s really involved. My therapist is mainly trauma work, which I need and finally found my groove. But I’ll keep an ear out for sure. Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it! We are going to start doing body work and naming emotions next session. I’m ready.

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Good luck @Niko_Alyxandir

i also have violent voices that make me want to do violent things

i work with the act team in my area

i see workers twice a week a symptoms group and right now im having a very hard time so i see my pdoc every week

plus i also have 24/7 pager if i need to talk my self out of hurting my self and my mom

I usually listen to heavy metal and a fast walk. Sometimes it help sometimes it doesnt

I ended up helping my dad with dinner and then took the dogs for a walk. So I sweat some of it out of my system. Plus I told my dad how I’ve been feeling.

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