I'm having "ideation"

Don’t make me say the full word.
I feel unloved and like those who say they love me could abandon me at any moment, and that if I burden anyone irl with how I feel they’ll feel disgusted and reject or abandon me.

I’m not sure I want to stick around earth much longer. I’m not planning anything, but I feel my brain giving up.

I’m so sad and stressed, I feel helpless and hopeless and it disgusts me.

I don’t know a non medical way to break out of it. I don’t want to have to take prn, it makes me so sluggish and thirsty.

What do?

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I’m similar. I’ve been looking at moving out again, and I just know the places are going to be far from ideal and its going to take a while to become acustomed to that standard of living :frowning:
My support worker says “just think of the positives from it even if it is less than ideal” but I don’t know. She’s not the one that’s going to spend several years of her life there.

I guess, I find writing helps me. If you wanna post it in here or on a private blog or a scrap of paper. It often just helps to express what you want to say even if you don’t show others.
Identifying the problem definitely helps. Once you work out what it is specifically that is upsetting you can look for more concrete resolutions.

How has the rest of your day gone @Miika ?

It went ok. Talked to a friend who gave me some reassurance :slight_smile:


What did he/she say to you which helped? Il understand if you want to keep that just for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear you’re struggling Miika.
I hope your day gets better.

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