How do you all feel about feminism?

Personally I think its killing off feminity.

So long as it’s not trying to swap one domination for another and is striving for true equality i have no problem with it and support it.
I think extreme feminism isn’t really different from a female version of male chauvinism though.


I don’t like it, but I am for women’s rights - only they must not swap male/female roles around. Let the men work and the women stay at home unless they need to work. And let women dress like women and men like men.

I believe in equal right for male female. No more no less. Its fine with me if a women wants to wear pant. But just looks unnatural for a guy to wear a dress.

In my opinion I feel people are free to wear whatever they please, it does not mean that I will agree with their opinions on what looks attractive or not, but let them express themselves however they see fit.

I am a humanist in my views on equality. I like some ideas of feminists but like anything there are some radical members claiming the title feminist that I don’t fully agree with.

I am a feminist. I do support equal pay for equal work. I do believe that equal job protections should be offered and I do believe the women have just as much right to an equal education in world as men.

I also support a woman’s right to leave a man who beats her. I support a woman’s right to vote. Equal voting is not the case in every nation on this earth.

I do believe in shutting down some of the sex trafficking rings that sell woman as cattle. Again, not something to take for granted in the world. I also believe that woman should have the same safety in their person as men.

As in, at the UW for a while, if a guy was getting harassed at a drunken party, security was there in a heart beat… chick getting gang raped? no response because she was “asking for it” by being on campus. I don’t believe in that at all. It’s now been changed, but slowly.

I do not believe in dominating, brutalizing or objectifying women.

Yes, I am a man and I am a feminist.


I once saw a woman with a boat load of nose hair. :nose: :haircut:

She sure looked like a feminist to me.

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Everything SurprisedJ said…

The only thing I don’t like is the cultural role reversal, almost militant feminism where they want to put guys lower…all that is is reverse discrimination.

But some role reversal is ok, for instance I was a stay at home Dad for 2 years …it all depends on the reason behind it…In our case it would be easier and quicker for my wife to find work, plus I was building our house so needed to put hours into that…so i was stay at home dad and house builder while she worked a regular job.


I cannot stand it. It always sounds like a bunch of women crying and begging to be equal in stead of just going out and taking that right for themselves.

Equal rights mean just that, Equality. If the person can do equal work, they should get equal pay.
Problem comes when one wants to get equal pay, but cannot physically do equal work.
Few woman have the same strength as a man, but those that do should be allowed to do the work they want.
The best person for the job should get it.


idk, i really like women and only want the best for them, idk if that makes me a feminist, can a man be a feminist?

i think women are better than men because they can have babies, i think that is the most wonderful thing there is, bringing life into the world.

I think it’s here to stay.

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I like that terminology - “humanist”. I guess I am a humanist also, I prefer that word. Equal rights for everyone - female, gays, minorities, disabled, Everyone should be treated fairly and as equals. No one group is better than another.


I feel like the word feminist should be done away with.

Equality for all, stereotypes be gone.

Feminism DOES mean equality. Those people who have tried to make it “women are better than men” are the resident nut jobs. Every ideal supporting group has them. There are also people who are called “eco-terrorists” in the environmental group. They bomb stuff. People have been killed by them.
Personally I am for people being called whatever they want to be called, but I just wish it would stop changing. Some people say “humanist” because “feminist” has a bad ring to it. What kind of ring to humanist will there be in a few years? I think it’s better to just pick something and stick with it than waste time trying to come up with a new name for it every few years because the wackos have caught up to you.
I think that those women who want to enslave men or whatever are far in the minority. People just think they are the majority because they are by far the loudest. Also they might be the only people you know are feminist. I think there are probably a lot of people (men and women) out there who are feminists but don’t shove it in everyone’s faces so they don’t get counted.


Sorry, I should have clarified my statement. I was feeling rush and lazy as it was nearing the end of my lunch break.

The reason I said that I feel like the word feminist should be done away with is because of the negative connotation that it holds. Feminism can’t be clearly defined anymore in my opinion because it is a label that has been posted to too many things. I feel as though, we have moved past “feminism” and should label things more individually and appropriately.

My ending line was my inner “hippie” (another term that is past it’s time) speaking.

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I am beginning to agree with this one. The concept is becoming confusing to me.

“ISM” just gets icky after awhile because there is always a group who has to go to the extreme end of the road with any neutral idea. I know my brother and my Dad will say they are feminist. I’m proud of them for that. But I myself am a bit confused to what a “feminist” actually IS. (Ironic coming from a female)

When generations before me were fighting for equal rights, it was much easier to understand. The right to vote, hold a job, and getting equal pay for equal work. These were and are ideas that were very easy to define. For the most part, people could get behind it. I do understand I’m thinking in the parameter of western culture.

My brother is right, there are still countries where women do NOT have the right to vote, or leave a man who beats her, or have an education. But I see that as more of an equal rights and humanitarian rights issue, not a “feminist” issue.

But as things progress and time marches on, so much debate has muddied the meaning. I look at some of the angry militant shouters of today like Camille Paglia and the other “Radfems”
I just think “Well, if that is a feminist; then I’m not one”
Now that the Radfems organization got pegged as a hate group, I’m definitely NOT a feminist. Or at least not like that.

But if a feminist is someone who supports equal rights, equal vote, equal pay, and other human issues; then you don’t really have to BE a “feminist” to support that.
OH well, I have so much to learn as I grow.

Thank you for letting me post.


I had never heard of Camille Paglia so I did a quick skim of the Wikipedia article on her and it sounded like she was mainly a *critic *of feminists. Are “Radfems” supporters of feminism, or maybe they’re not?

I agree that the jargon is flowing so freely that the waters are polluted. Anyway I’m another male who will second James’ post on equal rights and human rights. But I do wonder what you mean, @SurprisedJ, by “objectifying” women. So you mean in a sense that men could be objectified too, as economic objects or whatever? Or do you simply mean as sex objects and possessions of men?

Fact of the matter is the historic position women have had. Women have been kept down forever. They need to fight back to gain any ground. Look at the 300 girls in Nigeria they are being used as pawns in a bigger issue that does not involve them as individuals. It is tragic.

In the US, women make 77% of what men do as a population. Sure you can show women who have succeeded but as a whole, women are under employed.

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As I ponder this more, I think it’s more about being against the objectifying of anyone. Standing up against anyone being treated as a mere object and beneath others. I really dislike the marginalization of others due to some preset notion. It’s the same stigma that we fight as well.

The “sex object” thing sort of takes on a life of it’s own when women embrace it themselves and use it to their advantage. Example being the lady who did a few Playboy shoots and used to money to get through Harvard Law and is now a federal judge. (Kendra Woods)

But yes, Soups post about the women who are now just objects to trade for an agenda, is sort of what I was pondering 3 days ago.

It’s also a hard topic because feminism in America is vastly different then feminism in other countries.

Feminism in Redmond Washington where women marry these Micorsoft big wigs and by their own choice never have to lift a finger again… would be vastly different then feminism in Rainier Beach that is a VERY poor community and women have to work harder to get a good education and make it on their own because no Mr. Prince Charming is around.

Even with in a region, the word feminism is vastly different to different people.

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