How do i know if i qualify for partial disability?

some people i work with, work the same number of hrs as me plus get a disability check. i was wondering if i could join in the fun

Apply, the worse that could happen is that they say no. You have nothing to lose.


The ticket to work program says you can make $810 a month on disability. I say apply, I was awarded disability, I didn’t have a lawyer. I don’t work though, I think I can manage this now though and would like to return to work.


i just wish i could find a full time job that worked for me. i tried being a manager at walmart but that was way to much stress

before I got really ill, a few of the people at the store I worked at had been accepted for disability and still worked around 20 hrs a week. one older gentleman worked the door at the store as a greeter and he worked 15 hrs a week and got a disability check. if you get denied you could always appeal the decision if you don’t agree with it.

one lady that worked there, got denied 4 times before she finally hired a lawyer and then got accepted.

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but if you are perfectly healthy often you are only scheduled for 24 hrs

Well, if you don’t apply for disability then it’s 100% certain you won’t get it. Your odds can only get better if you apply.