How many hours would I get at work

I’m starting to get a new job but I’m in SSI.i can only make 1,220$ a month until they take my check. I get 700-770$ month all depends on my ex’s check.

What I was wondering was how many hours could I work if I get a check like that? Does anybody else do this? I’m thinking I can only work 8-9 days off 8 hours a day to get that amount so I would have to stretch it out though the month.

Do you think an employer would let me work 4-6 hours a day like 3-4 days a week?

What dollar amount will you get paid per hour?

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Idk yet haven’t even went to my appt but just say min wage

Does your state have a ticket to work program??? Possibly I think most states have programs that will help you get jobs if you’re on disability and they will help you manage your hours around your benefits

Here’s a link that may help you out

Edit: I didn’t see you were already hired?

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Yes I think that’s exactly what’s happening. And yes I can call SSI or the program and they will help me with hours I just was water and wanted to know now
I’m not actually hired yet. I have an appt July 18th but it’s just too find a job that comfortable with me. That’s what they help with
Thanks for the link in checking it out now

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What is minimum wage in your state?


I think I figured up like 60-65 hours so I would have to stretch that out over a month period. I don’t know how that works. Would an employer let me work 5- 3’s or 4- 4’s? cause I don’t want to burn up all my hours in a month

I just wanted to see if you guys got around that. And I make 700-750$ a month

Is the $700/mo that you make an earned income or another type of income?

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The 700-750$ is from SSI

I could be wrong but I think if you work at all your SSI will get reduced. It isn’t like SSDI.

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So you saying I get a check for 700$ and even if I work it will go down? Do you know how much it would go down? I was lead to believe that I get the full check but if I work over a certain amount of hours that adds up to 1,220$ I will keep it but if o go over they take it

I don’t know. I was on SSDI not SSI. I think your SSI gets reduced when you work. I don’t know how much but you can certainly make a lot more money than that working.

But if you need the insurance I would look into it some more.


Thx. I’ll Google it and figure it out

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