How do I get out of the city?

I feel like I’m stuck here. All my support system is here. But I don’t like where I live, as far as the apartment complex goes. And everyday this city just goes down the tubes.

There’s always so much noise here, police sirens, people fighting, cars driving by all hours of morning and night.

Can anyone recommend any cities in the U.S. that are fairly laid back, and are fairly safe, and have a good public transportation system?

I just want to start anew somewhere else.

cities can be difficult to live in.
have you tried the surburbs where you are? maybe place that is still on the bus line but a little farther out?

rent can be cheaper further out too.


I know, I am getting tired of the city. I might just move to a smaller town or something.

I technically live in a suburb that’s within a city. It’s kind of a weird situation. :confused: So we get a lot of traffic and other problems that sort of float in from the inner city.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Move to the country…a small town with streams and forest…its good for the soul…


Heck yeah! :slight_smile:

That’s what’s up @flameoftherhine

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I used to be in a suburb but its turning into a city 25 years later! more houses traffic, crime.
I can’t wait to escape to the country at this point.
I may visit a city, but I’m not gonna live there.

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I am at the same point. :+1: Kuddos to you for looking out for your mental health.

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