I have the opportunity to maybe move (out of the city), should I do it?

There’s things drawing me towards moving to this location. It’s more rural/suburb, not city, it’s right next to a forest, literally 30 seconds walk to the forest.

It would be more quiet, which I would appreciate.

I always wanted to live outside of the city, close to nature.

My parents live very close, just a 5 minute walk from there. They are potentially fixing this apartment for me.

But here’s the thing. I’m so self conscious now a days, I don’t go out much. I sense people don’t like me, cause I look look weird or behave weird, I don’t know.

Moving to this location, I would be surrounded by normies, and that’s kind of scary.

I feel people think I’m weird.

Moving to a new location would be scary.

I now live in a place for people with disabilities, psychosis etc. It feels safe in a way. Moving would be scary.

What should I do?


Depends on if you are happy where you currently live.

If you are happy I wouldn’t mix things up.

If you’re not I would try something different.

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The things is I have an emotional connection to this place I’m maybe moving. I’ve gone for walks there before and I’ve actually fantasized of living there (without being aware that I may get the opportunity in the future.

So it’s very heavy on that side.

But it’s also heavy in the sense that my anxiety flares up and I start to think what the neighbors will think of me etc.

I don’t know man.

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It’s good to live where you feel you belong and get support.

I live in the ‘normal’ suburb and stay mostly secluded, but so do most of the other people, unless they go to the park or stores.

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Move. Carry a cheap camera and tell everyone you’re an artist. They’ll ascribe all oddness to that.


Edit: Also be sure to wear an out of style hat to drive the point home.

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I would move out of the city if it was me. I live in probably the worst place in my city and I hate it and I would definitely move if I could.

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I live in the suburbs. I am 54 living with my parents. My Nieghbor nows I am receiving disability along with other neighbors. That move sounds awesome. I have problems with voices telling me the Nieghbor’s think I am leeching off the government. That I am lazy and can’t keep up with life. That I want it to easy. Voices tell me if they were me they would not let SZ impact them like I let it.
I say go for the move. And take care of yourself. Anything that you are worried about is probably illegal for someone to do that would trigger you. We have laws for a reason. I talk to my Nieghbor’s and have all the peace I need with them.

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